San Francisco’s Ferry Building

(4 photos) Following my trek to Chinatown and my leg-numbing search for an iconic cable car photo on Hyde Street (see Chinatown and Cable Cars), I cried “uncle” to San Francisco’s famed hills, clicked on my Uber app, and headed back to flatter ground near my hotel. In search of a nice glass of wine to ease my tourist-weary legs (with dinner coming in a close second), I made my way to the beautiful Ferry Building, a terminal for, yup, ferries on the San Francisco Bay and an upscale shopping center located on The Embarcadero. Instead, I found gates closed and people going home for the night. Not to be daunted, I, of course, set up my tripod and fired off a few shots.

Ferry Building, San Francisco, interior

Ferry Building, San Francisco, interior

As for the wine? I happily found that (and a nice dinner) back at my hotel, but not before stopping at a local drugstore and buying a much-needed knee brace to help with the next day’s walking! Number of steps logged on my first afternoon/evening in San Francisco? 15,089 (6.37 miles).

Bright and early the following morning, knee brace velcroed in place, I made my way back to The Embarcadero to begin my walk to Alcatraz Landing for the ferry to “The Rock.” This was the site that greeted me. What a wonderful way to start the day! (For photos of the Embarcadero piers I saw along my walk, see Visiting San Francisco’s Picturesque Piers.)

Ferry Building, San Francisco, exterior

I returned to the building to grab lunch between my morning/afternoon and night tours of Alcatraz. Best.hamburger.ever. at Gott’s Roadside. I should have taken a picture, but I was just too darn hungry. It’s exactly what I needed to keep me going for another tour!

Ferry Building, San Francisco, interior

Speaking of Alcatraz, next post to come — Alcatraz, Part I. And wait for the step/mile count on this one!

(If you’re interested in seeing a black and white version of the first Ferry Building image, visit today’s Monochromia post.)

41 thoughts on “San Francisco’s Ferry Building

  1. Very nice shots! I’m glad you were able to get around that building. it’s so pretty now that they’ve redone it. By the way, have i mentioned I never see your posts in my reader? I can’t find the tags on your post but if you have >15 tags+categories, your posts won’t show in the reader. Maybe I just strangely miss them because I’m not in the reader as often as I should be. 😦


  2. I notice ‘1915’ on the Ferry tower…does that have a special significance? For us Aussies, it refers to Gallipoli. As to all that walking…the things you do for us, Stacy! ❤ Look forward to the next episode.


    • Good question, Janina, so I googled it 🙂 Apparently, the numbers were originally installed on the tower to celebrate the Panama-Pacific International Exposition (i.e. world’s fair).They were reinstalled to mark the 100th anniversary of the fair and have remained.

      I also must admit I had to look up Gallipoli (and then ANZAC Day). You got my brain neurons firing today 🙂 Thanks for that!

      As for the walking? LOL!

      Liked by 1 person

        • Yup, after eight weeks and six assorted trips (Los Angeles, Napa Valley, NYC 2 times, San Francisco, and the New Jersey coast), exhaustion became my middle name. In fact, on my first trip to NYC in September, I picked up a very stubborn virus that I’m still battling the after effects of – started a third round of meds just yesterday. It’s really zapped my energy, which may help to explain why I struggled so much in SF!


        • Phew! That was a busy schedule — work, or for WordPress? Health is all you have, Stacy, guard it well with your life! And, nothing is that important that you can’t take time to rest and rejuvenate…best regards, xox


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