Visiting San Francisco’s Picturesque Piers

A few blocks east of the hotel where I stayed in San Francisco is the city’s famed “Embarcadero,” the eastern waterfront of the Port of San Francisco along San Francisco Bay. Stretching approximately 7 miles from AT&T Park (home of the San Francisco Giants) to the south to Pier 45 at Fisherman’s Wharf in North Beach, it is lined with renovated piers, restaurants, parks, and various attractions and is a popular place to bike, skate, and walk. And, of course, to photograph!

Pier 14, closer to the southern end of The Embarcadero, overlooks the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.

San Francisco Embarcadero Pier 14 sunrise with Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco Embarcadero Pier 14 sunrise with Oakland Bay Bridge

San Francisco Embarcadero Pier 14 sunrise with Oakland Bay Bridge, panorama
7-Shot Panorama taken with Fuji X100T and stitched together in Photoshop.
Soma Pier 14 San FranciscoSoma,” an interactive LED sculpture created by local art collective the Flaming Lotus Girls.

Pier 7 and the San Francisco Belle docked at Pier 3. The Belle originally was a floating casino on the St. Charles River in Missouri. She is the largest capacity dining yacht on the west coast (2000 guests).

Embarcadero Pier 7 San Francisco

Pier 27 is the Port of San Francisco’s Cruise Terminal.

Embarcadero Pier 27 San Francisco

Skyline San Francisco Financial District from Pier 27View from Pier 27 – Financial District with the Transamerica Pyramid (the tallest skyscraper in San Francisco’s skyline).

Pier 33, which was my destination, is home to Alcatraz Landing, where I was all set with tickets for the first ferry to the island in the morning AND for the night ferry, 10 hours later. Stay tuned for my trip to The Rock!

Coit Tower from Pier 31View from Pier 33 of Coit Tower, with an observation deck that provides 360-degree views of the city and bay, including the Golden Gate and Bay bridges.

64 thoughts on “Visiting San Francisco’s Picturesque Piers

  1. Shoot, I think I bought the wrong camera. I want one like yours so I can take beautiful pictures, too. Or maybe I just need to get my sorry a– to San Francisco. I think the light is different there.


  2. That lovely city. I’ve never seen those piers so deserted. You were up early and it paid off: lovely photos of both the pier and the bridge.

    I’m not sure about that sculpture, but I suppose art is supposed to make you think. I THINK that I wouldn’t want to be there after dark. Fun trip!


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