Oh, No. Another Photoblog.

Looking down a street in Marseilles

Marseilles; Photo: SPFischer

The story behind Visual Venturing?  Simple.  I love photography; I love writing; I love desktop publishing.  Perfect mix of passions for creating a photoblog.  Admittedly, a totally self-indulgent project.  Nothing to set this one apart from all the phenomenal photoblogs that exist.  But for others like me — those who enjoy the opportunity to “see” more places, more people, more things, more of life — it’s always fun to view one more, because you never know what gems you might discover.  Really, that’s it.

The story behind me? Click on my photo to the right for a few more details. Or visit my post Behind the Scenes at Visual Venturing.

Thanks for stopping by.  I’m honored.  And if you enjoy seeing the world through my lens, follow along.  I’d love to have the company!

— Stacy Fischer

91 thoughts on “Oh, No. Another Photoblog.

  1. Just wanted you to know that I am really enjoying the photographs you post on Monochromia. They have a lot of variety to them, especially the people-doing-things scenes such as the hands with the grapes. Every morning I spend the first ten minutes, writing to a visual prompt for my writing journal. The exercise I don’t usually post. Then I do my daily work.
    Your photographs make great prompts. Thanks for posting.


    • Don, I am so incredibly flattered by your very kind comment. To know that my work resonates with you on this level is profoundly rewarding. Thank you, and thank you too for sharing this with me. I can only hope that my work continues to inspire!

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  2. Hi Stacy- Thanks for following my photography blog, Jane’s Lens. I hope you enjoy my work. I love your images and enthusiasm– I first discovered you on Monochromia. I look forward to more!


    • Jane, I was only able to hit the follow button last night, but have since gone back this morning and visited your “About” page. My message bears repeating: I can’t believe I haven’t followed you before!! Wonderful images, so many from one of my favorite cities (San Fran). I can’t wait to delve into your past posts and am excited to see your new ones 🙂 Thank you for reaching out to me!

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  3. Hi Stacy, I thought I was already following your blog but it seems not, so now I definitely am! Always enjoy your comments when you visit me and it’s great to see a more urban world through your lens than my very rural settings here on my Hillside! Will look forward to – finally – getting your posts in my Reader! Best wishes Jane (View from a French Hillside)


  4. Stacy, great blog. I love the realism you have, admitting that these photo blogs are self indulgent projects. But don’t underestimate yourself. Your photos and words may inspire even without intention. You take gorgeous photos. As a fellow photographer and new blogger I enjoy seeing what others have to offer. Keep it up!


    • Amanda, I can’t thank you enough for your kind and inspirational words! The past year and a half has been a wonderful photographic journey for me, but the best part has been connecting with wonderful people like you. I appreciate your follow and hope I continue to offer images that you enjoy!

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  5. HI Stacy, you have some great photos on here. I will look forward to seeing more. I too have “yet another photography blog” but hey you can’t have too many good photos.


    • Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I missed seeing your kind comment. My apologies! Thanks so much for stopping by AND for your follow. And you’re absolutely right about photos! I’m off to see yours 😀


  6. Oh wow, as a fellow photographer I love photoblogs but this is just amazing! I really love your cityscapes and landscapes especially, they are stunning.


    • Emily, thanks so very much! You’ve put a huge smile on my face today 😃 (See?) It’s taken me a while to figure out what it is I like to shoot, and I’m so glad you like the cityscapes and landscapes the best. I think my “search” is narrowing, and these are what I find the most fun and rewarding. So thanks for your validation and for your kind comment!

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  7. I could go for a more formal reaction but.. OH MY, I LOVE your blog! People are very visual creatures and if that was the way we communicated always, you’d be the master of ethos, pathos and logos.


    • Cosme, I don’t know how I managed to miss your very kind comment. My apologies for my late reply. Thank you so much for stopping by and for liking what you saw enough to follow. I truly do appreciate having you along!


  8. I am a first time visitor to your blog which I found my clicking on a comment you had posted on another blog. I am struck by your beautiful photography. I started by looking at your animal photos because I am such a dog person and I quickly moved to other topics. Such beautiful work. I myself am a new blogger and photography is not a strength but I need to improve on it. I will enjoy following you.


    • Helen, what a lovely comment! I so appreciate you leaving your thoughts here and I am delighted you have found something in my photography that made you click on the follow link. This first year has been a wonderful one of discovery and growth with my camera and with blogging — I hope I continue to provide images that you enjoy! Thanks for making me smile today 🙂


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