Lessons Learned

Sunflowers in the open window of "The Dutch" in New York City, South Village

“The Dutch,” 131 Sullivan Street, SoHo, New York City

Sometimes I need to slow down and think more about what I’m shooting. A number of you know I’m not a flower person, except for yellow flowers that is – tulips, daffodils, and sunflowers just make me smile. So when I saw this arrangement in a window of a restaurant in New York City, I had to stop and take a shot.

When I opened it up on my computer, I immediately saw how I could have made it much better. See the woman just coming into view behind the orange vase? Yup, the human element would have been awesome. Perhaps not her specifically, but someone with a flair who would have added another layer of interest to the final image. As someone who loves to shoot urban landscapes, this should have been a no-brainer. Guess I was blinded by the delicious yellowness of these gorgeous sunflowers!

37 thoughts on “Lessons Learned

  1. I agree with you, of course. Maybe this pic could be the next One Photo Focus pic! Just to see what others would do with it…As a flower person, I would’ve focused on the flowers+vase, shallow depth of field in other words, and let the background take care of itself by being bokehed out. But, having said that, I quite like the view you’ve captured! Looks like a nice eatery and locale.


  2. Beautiful photo, Stacy. I remember having the same feeling many times before that I should wait a little longer. Now I feel a little different… whatever shows up in my photo is meant to be there. Whatever didn’t show up… I let it go. 😉
    Have a wonderful day!


    • Thanks, Helen! I don’t know if I can ever reach that stage 😉 I think I’ll forever be at the “shoulda, wouda, coulda” stage until “seeing” becomes second nature. But that’s all part of learning – when to wait and when to let go!

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  3. No, this is beautiful. The vase is intense, the flowers, lovely (they say summer!!), and the window and the background are interesting, but it’s that vase and those flowers. Wonderful.


  4. I hate flowers, but I love women. You should have waited. This woman intrigues me. Nice hair, nice body, nice sleeveless blouse…, “What, dear? No, I’m not doing anything. Take out the garbage? Sure! Be right there!”

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