United States Institute of PeaceUnited States Institute of Peace, Washington, DC

(Scheduled post) The space and light of this building never cease to take my breath away. Architect Moshe Safdie designed the building as a serene space to symbolize peace. The glass wall, which faces the Lincoln Memorial, fills the interior with light. The billowing glass ceiling is opaque and white during the day; at night, it glows. It has always reminded me of the wings of a dove, fitting for the purpose of the Institute: to promote international peace through conflict management, conflict analysis, teaching, and training.

14 thoughts on “Soaring

    • Thanks, Laurie! It’s right across the Roosevelt Bridge as you enter DC at Constitution and 23rd. Had it been a more understated design, it would be very easy to miss. That’s part of the beauty of it – you can’t help but notice it’s amazing footprint, especially at night. (I can’t believe I’m so far behind in answering comments.šŸ˜œ)


  1. I love this building, too. Still recall someone in a Wash Post letter writing about the massive brassiere of USIP, which startled me, as I had never thought of someone NOT finding the building at least intriguing…


  2. Never knew this building existed! I learn something from every one of your posts, Sis. Love your vision of the dove wings – I totally see it! I think the UN should sign up for some classes since they can’t seem to accomplish squat!


    • Point taken, Debby šŸ™‚ As for the building, it’s one that I see every time I come across the bridge into DC. It has always captured my fancy, but I didn’t really know anything but it’s name until I actually wrote the post. So, you see, I learn something new too!


    • Wow, Patti, I can’t believe I’m so behind on replying to comments! Thanks for yours. I’ve really been wanting to photograph this building for a long time. The night I went downtown was very spur of the moment – I was delighted the skies cooperated šŸ™‚


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