Monochromia: Urban Moment

Originally posted on Monochromia.

Empire State Building street view from outside Penn Station

Taking advantage of the last 15 minutes I had before needing to head inside Penn Station to travel back to Virginia, I waited … and waited … for the perfect pedestrian to help frame this shot of the Empire State Building. I had just about run out of time when this young woman stepped out of a taxi. It was a great way to end a great visit to NYC!

– shot with my Fuji X100T –

23 thoughts on “Monochromia: Urban Moment

  1. I focused so much on the pedestrian, that I actually missed the Empire State Building (embarrassed to admit that).
    I love that you couldn’t wait inside, and how to get back out to the energy of the streets 🙂


    • Ha! She does make for a striking subject, doesn’t she? As for my energy, good thing my hubby was being a good sport (although truth be told he didn’t stand a chance – waiting in Penn Station vs out on the city streets? No contest for what I like to shoot 🙂 Thanks, Laurie!


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