Monumental Majesty

In May, I posted a number of photos looking from the Lincoln Memorial east toward a spectacular sunrise. The gallery isn’t complete, though, without the views looking back at the monument. So, three months later, here are two of my favorites from that morning.

Lincoln Memorial DawnApril 28, 5:44 a.m.

Lincoln Memorial dawn6:46 a.m.

36 thoughts on “Monumental Majesty

  1. You are the early bird catching the peverbial worm Stacy. The really wonderful lighting lends to the aura of awesomeness that I felt being there. It’s funny how a place like this can make you feel. Being Canadian, I was a little surprised. I suppose it’s like seeing a whale for the first time. You read about them and see them in books, but nothing like being in close proximity to the real McCoy. I enjoyed all the memorials in DC, and especially Lincoln. x B


    • Thanks (again), Boomdee, for another wonderful comment 🙂 I’ve always felt the Jefferson Memorial to be my favorite of the DC monuments, but then I’ve been saying that having never experienced the Lincoln as I did here. Now, I’d say they’re running neck and neck. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to repeat the moment, even if I shoot another sunrise just like this one. As you say, it’s the “firsts” that really stick with you, and this one was a doozy for me 💕

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  2. Those are some incredible photos, I love the contrast and lighting in the first. I remember going to see the Lincoln memorial one snowy day in April and it was just spectacular!


      • Haha now I think about it I may have mixed it up with my trip to San Francisco – I went to Washington in February, that explains the snow! It was quite a few years ago and I remember it piled up in huge drifts along the pavement – we never get that much snow in my part of England! Absolutely loved my time there 🙂


  3. Stacey that first shot is amazing! When I visited Abe couldn’t be seen from outside the building due I guess to a combination of the light and shadows and the amount of people milling about. I was a little disappointed at that, so this is a double treat!


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