Monochromia: Love in Grand Central Station 

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A couple poses for a Grand Central Station photo shoot

Grand Central Station in New York City is a font of photo ops (though I wish tripod use was allowed!). Spending time there with fellow Monochromians Joe Giordano and Patti Fogarty was worlds of fun. And in the midst of all my “oohing” and “aahing,” I spied this couple posing for what I figured was engagement photos. Of course, I just had to get in on the action!

25 thoughts on “Monochromia: Love in Grand Central Station 

  1. It was such a great fund day out Stacy with you and Joe! How good to see what you made of the action in this scene – wouldn’t you just love to see the official shots? I know I would!


  2. I love Grand Central. It must indeed be full of wonderful opportunities for a photographer. I imagine it must be a bit stressful trying to get posed photos taken in such a bustling place. The still couple among all the movement is a nicely spotted capture.


    • Thanks, Laura! It was fun to watch the photographer and his lightman work. I wonder if this couple has a special tie to the station, like maybe they met there or maybe he proposed there. An iconic and creative setting for an engagement shoot. I was excited to have caught it 🙂

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