The Three V’s: Visual Venturing Vacation!

Times Square at nightTimes Square, New York City

Yup, I’m heading out! First to Los Angeles to attend my daughter’s college orientation and then on to Colorado to celebrate my dad’s 92nd (!!) birthday. Though I’ll be away for a week and a half, I’ve managed to schedule a few posts, both here and on Monochromia. My hope is that in any down time, I can play some very-overdue catchup with all of your wonderful blogs. I’ve missed having the time to do that!

So while I’m winging my way across the country, I thought I’d share an image from another recent trip — to NYC. My first day there, I hit the streets after lunch and ended the day at Times Square. I had a blast sitting in the viewing stands observing and shooting the action all around me — even on a weekday evening at midnight!

– shot with my Fuji X100T –

45 thoughts on “The Three V’s: Visual Venturing Vacation!

  1. Yikes, New York at midnight looks banana’s. How would you ever go home to sleep after all that stimulation? It looks like a giant Urban Salad. So much colour! It reminds me of the midway that comes to town once a year. It’s like a carnival midway with all the lights and people. Hope you have a great trip Stacy ! xk


    • Thanks, Pauline (love that you used “venturing”)! Yup, midnight, with no indication that it was going to slow down any time soon. I loved the energy and the stimulation and miss it more and more each day I am not there. As for boring? Nope, I think the better word comes right out of your blog title: “contented.” πŸ˜„


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