Monochromia: Batman Supersized!

Posted in black and white on Monochromia.

Batman Arkham Knight billboard, New York City

While roaming the streets of New York City with fellow Monochromia photographers Joe Giordano and Patti Fogarty, we crossed paths with this fantastic billboard at 42nd Street and 7th Avenue advertising the Batman Arkham Dark Knight video game. The NYC tourist bus in front? A happy coincidence.

 -shot with Fuji X100T-

23 thoughts on “Monochromia: Batman Supersized!

  1. WOW! What a fun find!
    It’s been years since I’ve been to NYC … the energy that I find in the photos that you, Joe, and Patti post make me want to get back there.


  2. It’s times like this that I miss New York! Strolling with friends, every corner a new photo opportunity. I love this poster, Black and white with just the slightest bit of color. And you were so lucky to be able to meet Joe and Patti!


    • Thanks, Emilio! I fell in love with the city! Truly, I could live there (at least for a few years). I loved the instant energy simply stepping out the door brought! And it was so special to be able to spend the entire day with Joe and Patti. Truly as nice and wonderful as you think they are. Someday I want to be able to say I’ve met you too!


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