Ed’s Sunday Stills: The Letter “O”

Scenes from “Onboard” a Cruise Ship

Cruising – oh, how I love it! So it was a natural response to Ed’s Sunday Stills to share some onboard pictures from Royal Caribbean’s Voyager class ships.

Royal Promenade Adventure of the Seas

Guest Services to the right; Champagne Bar to the left (that’s fun!); and to the rear, the Royal Promenade, 4 decks high and 2 football fields long with dining, shops, and entertainment.

Ice skaters Adventure of the Seas

Ice skaters Adventure of the Seas

Onboard ice rink, where the Royal Caribbean Skaters entertain with unbelievable skill on a reduced-size rink and where passengers can rent skates and enjoy the ice themselves. Nope, I didn’t partake in that pastime. My ankles immediately hit ice, followed quickly by my backside!

View of ocean from cruise ship deck

Amazing views …

Towel animal on Royal Caribbean Cruise Line

Nightly surprise visitors 🙂

Muster stations Adventure of the Seas

And a parting view of muster station locations as we disembark at the last possible moment …

Thanks, Ed, for another fun challenge!

25 thoughts on “Ed’s Sunday Stills: The Letter “O”

  1. love cruising…
    Your photos were great but I like the one taken where the sailboat is captured.
    It always amazes me how a sailboat of a small size can be so far out at sea… scary to me.
    Happy Cruising…


  2. Gosh, that first picture looks like a mall, and not like a cruise ship … although I am not an expert on cruise ships, seeing as I like the certainty of land. Impressive. The folded towel on bed made me laugh!


    • I know, doesn’t it though? I wish I had gotten a decent picture of the Grand Promenade with its shops and eateries (Ben & Jerry’s, English pub, cafe, pizza parlor, and my favorite, wine bar). A great place to relax and people watch, just like a mall 🙂 And those towel animals were hysterical. My sons returned to their cabin one night only to find one sitting on the lid of the commode in the bathroom 🙂 LOL!


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