One World Trade Center: Sunset to Sunrise

World Trade Center, views from Room 5109, Millennium Hilton, Lower Manhattan

(7 photos) Standing on the site of the former World Trade Center, Freedom Tower (now called One World Trade Center) soars 1,776 feet above New York City. Today, it is America’s tallest building.

The views of 1WTC that my husband and I had from our room were breathtaking. I could barely take my eyes away. With sunset approaching, I got my camera out and began shooting. As sunset gave way to blue hour, then to night, and ultimately to sunrise, I tracked the 24-hour cycle through the windows, using my camera’s timer and whatever I could as a makeshift tripod. And each time I pressed the shutter button, I was filled with a sense of awe and incredible pride … for the people of New York City and for my country.

Map, World Trade Center Site

50 thoughts on “One World Trade Center: Sunset to Sunrise

  1. I have to tell you Stacy, your beautiful photography and talented eye, gives me goosebumps. Visual Venturing is so perfect for you 😃
    I love this www. I get to see NYC through your eyes. Thanks for sharing!


    • Oh, Robyn, what a lovely comment to find. (And find it I did – in my spam folder!*#!) So glad I didn’t just delete everything before giving it a quick run-through. Thank you, my friend. I needed this today ❤️💕


  2. I only wish that we had visited Freedom Tower when we were in New York in November, Stacy. It looks stunning, but we never made further that 34th Street going south. Should have had a few more days in the city, but I’m sure we will be back.


    • I know, that gorgeous rose-colored reflection took my breath away. My poor husband, asleep in the bed, while I’m putting his suitcase in the window to use as a tripod while trying to contain my ooh’s and aah’s… Well, he’s learning to put up with me 😉 Thanks, Cybele!


  3. Stacy, these are wonderful! You’ve even made the one from the street a success because of the tree and clouds. I’d not seen photos of the building since it’s completion. Thank you for sharing this majestic building.


    • Thanks so much, Mar. The construction makes for difficult shooting, but it’s an ongoing testament to the tenacity of the city. I wish I had had so much more time there total it all in. And, yes, very fortunate to stay at this hotel!

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    • Oh, Leanne, what you will capture is going to be phenomenal! And the Reflecting Absence Memorials, which I didn’t have an opportunity to photograph, are breathtakingly beautiful. So many photographic opportunities to document this incredibly special place.


    • Thanks so much, Lynda. I know, those reflections just had me gasping and sighing repeatedly 🙂 You’re going to be blown away when you see the site, especially with the Reflecting Absence Memorial (the two giant pools of cascading water). There are no words to describe that.


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