16 thoughts on “Vacant

  1. Isn’t there just something about red doors and chipped paint that gets people excited? I love this shot, and though I’m not usually a fan of Dutch Angles (Google it if you’re not sure what it is), I think it really works with this shot Stacy. It somehow adds to the agedness of the structure.

    On a related note, there’s an Instagrammer from Toronto who posts a LOT of images of red doors. It’s kind of her thing, and it’s pretty cool what she comes up with.


    • Shane, once again, you have taught me something! I didn’t know there was an actual name for what I had done. I did Google the term – interesting reading. I actually shot this photo straight on and angled the crop in post-processing simply because I felt it lent visual interest, but not realizing why, i.e. that the method played right into the sense of abandonment of the building. Last week, I used a Dutch angle in a ceiling shot of a balloon and a huge light fixture, though there my decision to angle the camera was dictated by a number of compositional obstacles. Now, when/if I use this type of composition again, I’ll be able to express definitively why I chose it — won’t I sound smart 😉 Thanks for that! So … I’m curious why you’re usually not a fan.

      Thanks for the info about the Instagrammer (not yet a service I use). But l might just have to try to find her 🙂 And thanks for your comment. Always a pleasure to hear from you!


      • Stacy, your decision to angle this shot was definitely a good one because I agree that it adds interest to the abandonment theme.

        I’m not often a fan because people tend to not use it properly. When there are people in the shot, I think it almost never works. A lot of the sports shots on the website of my old university are done this way, and I think it looks terrible. It makes me feel like I’m falling over. One good thing about your image is that there isn’t a horizon line giving it away… so your shot works for me.

        Just a personal preference 🙂


        • Thanks for sharing, Shane. I’ll definitely keep your story in mind if I’m ever so inclined to use the method in any people shots — hmm, have to shoot more people shots first 😉


    • Rotating it a bit was just a stylistic choice – doing so seemed to add to the image. But you’re the second to make this observation! I like it, I like it 🙂 Thanks so much for commenting!


    • Thanks, Debby! The building is actually the old McLean Center for the Arts – all I know of it is that, many years ago, it served as a dance studio. I used to park outside of it when Cate took her guitar lessons across the street. I realized a few weeks ago that it would make for some interesting photos. Went back a few days ago but the light wasn’t right. I went back later and was delighted to find the light and shadows on the front of the building 🙂


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