26 thoughts on “Pick

    • Elina, I just saw your comment on Leanne’s page – thanks so very, very much! I left a reply there about the photo. As for playing the guitar, yes, I can play, but never progressed passed the strumming/picking-old-folk-tunes stage — see my reply to Shane’s comment for the longer answer 😉


  1. Stacy, I really like where your creativity is going. Nice pic 😀 and guitar too. I just installed Lightroom and used it for today’s Between image. Thanks for your input on how to use Lightroom.


    • Thanks, Karen! I confess, Lightroom helped a lot with this older photo! Great to hear that you installed it and happy my input is helping 🙂 I’ve had to curtail my time on WP this week and haven’t been able to keep up to speed with everyone’s posts – I definitely will go and look at your Between image! (Might there be an after/before post in the offing? 😉 )


  2. I am enjoying the ultimate creativity shown by the photos chosen for ‘Between’; love the meandering geraniums but Pick makes me want to ‘pick’ up that guitar and start strumming and singing like we used to do in the old days. Remember, Stacy? For those who don’t know, Stacy is also a very talented singer and guitar player. Her gifts are many! (I’m the big sister so I have bragging rights:).


    • Oh, how I do remember those days, Debby. So many wonderful memories of those times. You were the one who inspired me to play! And may I just add, my big sis is multi-talented as well: phenomenal photographer and writer, to name just a few. She continues to inspire me in everything I do! Perhaps some day we’ll see you here on WordPress, Debby 🙂


    • Hi, Shane! Yes, it’s mine – very old. Actually received it from my parents as a Christmas present when I was in 8th grade – I won’t say how long ago THAT was! I used to have visions of being a professional guitarist, actually wrote some simplistic folk songs (inspired by the likes of John Denver and Peter, Paul, and Mary – yup, definitely old). I never really progressed past that stage, but seems I passed the love of the instrument on to my three kids. Each of them plays and I love that they do. For me, I can still play a mean “House of the Rising Sun” 😉 On my bucket list, though – I would love to learn to play classical guitar. Playing drums – how fun is that! Guitar is much quieter – well, unless you’re talking electric 🙂 Thanks for your comment!


    • Karen, thanks so much (and for your comment on the MM post). It’s an old photo of my old beloved guitar that became much better with my acquired understanding of composition and the use of Lightroom, not to mention the lessons I’m learning from MM 🙂


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