9 thoughts on “Many rooms

  1. Excellent composition Stacy! It was the blue in the windows on the second and third levels that really caught my eye. I just love the tones there.

    I also keep meaning to mention how much I’m enjoying your images and blog lately. Have you changed the look at some point in the recent past? It’s so nice and clean looking. I also feel like you’ve really stepped up your photography lately, your shots and processing are superb!


    • Hi, Shane. I played around with the look of my blog as part of Blogging University 201. But now with my wonderful new color-calibrated monitor (yay!), I just yesterday tweaked a few of the colors that now look the way I wanted them to from the beginning. (It’s also helping with the post-processing results.)

      As for the comment on my photography, just wow … I so appreciate your comment! I’m learning so much as each week goes by and it’s really nice to know it’s being reflected in my work. Thanks so much, Shane. You’ve just made my day 🙂


  2. You are amazing, Stacy…..How you come up with these ideas and pictures is so very interesting, and I enjoy each and every one. I feel like I am right there. What fun!


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