Photographing Central Park

View of benches in New York City's Central ParkView of iron fence in New York City's Central Park

I point my camera lens more readily at objects than at people. Perhaps that’s because I’m still a novice photographer: with objects, I can shoot until I achieve the result I want without the pressure of someone waiting for me to “get it.” As I get better at grasping the intricacies of aperture and shutter speed and white balance and all the other settings my camera offers, maybe I’ll be more comfortable focusing on the people I see through my lens.

For now, architectural and landscape detail capture my fancy. And on a beautiful fall day in New York City, I took great delight in the stark beauty of the patterns and shapes of the commonplace — empty benches, lines of fences, silhouettes of trees, a lone lamppost — found within the urban oasis that is Central Park.

What types of photographs do you enjoy taking?

Still life in New York City's Central Park - trees and lamppost

New York City Central Park; Photos: SPFischer

22 thoughts on “Photographing Central Park

  1. I really like these two photos especially the seats with the contrast between the black seats and the green grass growing through. I would have a field day in Central Park. I was there once before and it was quick as it always is when you are travelling but NEXT time I will spend the day and do the whole park. Thanks for sharing a piece of it here πŸ™‚


    • Oh my gosh, I had so much fun in Central Park! It was a trip I took shortly after a class on getting my camera off automatic. I spent more time photographing those benches, my family thought I was nuts. But everywhere we went, I kept snapping away and then running to catch up with them. A number of photos on the blog are from this very same trip – Night Light, Room 2, and Art 2. I remember being sooo excited over the results πŸ™‚ Hope you get a chance to return and spend your time there. If you do, let me know – I’ll be happy to travel northward and meet you there!

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    • Thanks, Philip! Can’t tell you the strange looks my husband was giving me when I got down on my knees and started photographing it πŸ˜€ He’s now come to terms with the delight I get in photographing commonplace objects!


    • Alexandra, thanks so much for stopping by. Given your eye for detail and your penchant for perfection (how do I know that :D), I appreciate your kind words on my fledgling photoblog!


    • Kristin, thanks so much for taking the time to visit, comment, AND follow my blog. High praise, given the beauty of your blog (yes, I definitely did pay a visit and you will have a new follower in me, just as soon as I post this response and go back to you site). Continued success with your blog!

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      • Thank you, Stacy! Your compliments are certainly gracious…
        I believe we share the desire and goal to compose and share the beauty and distinction of life and the world that surrounds us! Thank you for inspiring me onward!

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