Inside Seattle’s Public Market

Produce stalls filled with colorful fruits and vegetables.

An explosion of color and wonderful scents abound in Pike Place Market, Seattle’s original farmer’s market established in 1907. Deep green broccoli; bright orange and yellow tomatoes; yellow, red, and orange peppers; creamy white cauliflower; vegetables the names of which I didn’t even know; orange and white Dungeness crabs. A feast for the senses.

An artful display of fresh Dungeness crabs on ice.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the “cooking” gene — I have the I-love-to-set-the-pretty-table gene (which makes sense, given my love of visual design) — so I was content to simply enjoy the photographic opportunities all these colors and textures presented! And in a nod to setting a pretty table, the fresh flowers at the Market were exquisite!

Bunches of brightly colored flowers bundled in paper cones waiting to be sold.

Update 13 June 2014:
Interested in seeing what post-processing can do for a photo?
Visit After-Before Friday Week 4 to see a video highlighting the steps in Lightroom that transformed the Dungeness crab photo from “yikes” to final image.

3 thoughts on “Inside Seattle’s Public Market

  1. Hi, Victoria! It was my first time and I could have spent days and days there. Truly, the colors, the people, the sights, the smells — even including the fish 🙂 — were phenomenal. Someday, I’d definitely like to go back.


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