Freeze Frame

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Mould Fountain, City Hall Park, Lower Manhattan, New York CityMould Fountain, City Hall Park, Lower Manhattan, New York City

A quick shutter speed allowed me to “freeze” the water in the fountain and capture this young woman mid-stride.

The long shadows of this beautiful fountain caught my eye first, but then I decided to explore the effects of different shutter speeds on the wonderful water features. Once I decided to “freeze” the action, I realized I wanted more in the frame and waited for the “right” someone to come along. Bicyclists, joggers, businessmen all passed by. But it was the patterns of this young woman’s ensemble and the brightly colored shoes that led me to press the shutter button.

9 thoughts on “Freeze Frame

  1. Great shot, Stacy. I didn’t know that you could capture movement in this way. I’m always learning. You require enormous patience to get the shot you’re looking for. Timing, light, circumstances, all of it factors in. Knowing this makes me appreciate the work all the more.


    • Thanks, Alys! So, here it is almost six months later and I’m finding comments I never replied to, including yours here. So apologies for missing it. The patience it sometimes takes to get a fun street shot is all part of the appeal to me. Looking for a spot that might make an interested backdrop and then waiting for the right subject is like a treasure hunt to me. And then there are those moments that you simply come across and only have seconds to capture them. That’s why I love street photography so much 🙂


      • Never worry about missing a comment. We’re all busy. That said, I’m delighted to hear from you this morning, and enjoyed reading about your street photographer process and interests. 99% of my photos involve bending, crouching or rearranging a branch so I can get up close to a flower, a bee, a pumpkin or the like. It’s peaceful and enjoyable. I have so much to learn though, and continue to marvel at the your work as well as that of Joe and Laurie. It’s wonderful.


        • Thanks, Alys, for sticking with me (especially since I clearly missed yet another one of your lovely comments)! As for your photography, we all have our photographic strengths and I love seeing how you capture and share your projects and daily life. I need to become more disciplined about taking photos like that, to document the goings on in my own life and that of my family. And just so you know, I couldn’t plant a garden (fairy or otherwise) to save my life 🙂

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        • Stacy, you made me smile! Thank you for your vote of confidence and for your lovely words. And please don’t worry about missing a comment. It happens to all of us. I’m glad to hear from you any time.


  2. A beautiful shot Stacy and made for the sublet vibrancy of colour pops which go together so well. The purple and pink are really enjoying their time in the light and of course what a great splash the water makes!


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