Morning Music

Beethoven Pianos, Bronx, New York

Beethoven Pianos is the oldest family-owned piano store in New York City. Their clientele has included Lady Gaga, Bono, Woody Allen, Renée Fleming, Andre-Michel Shub, Max Roach, Roberta Flack, and many more. This building in the Bronx is actually the firm’s warehouse.

Many thanks to my friend and fellow Monochromia photographer, Patti Fogarty, for a wonderfully fun day introducing me to the Bronx (her “photographic backyard,” as she describes it). Check out Patti’s fantastic work both on Monochromia and on her blog, Nylon Daze!

8 thoughts on “Morning Music

  1. Wow Stacy, love the dazzle in this gorgeous shot, always fun to see where light and shadows come out to play! Great fun exploring the city with you and fingers crossed for next time soon. Thank you so much for your kind words here, truly taken aback!


  2. That’s really interesting Stacy, they’ve got top drawer clientele ! A see a lot of dichotomy in your photo, green planters -vs- rash wire on the fencing, the notion of beautiful music -vs- the harsh traffic on the freeway overhead. I can’t imagine anything ever being dull from behind your lens but New York seems to be a cacophony of contradictions, how wonderful for a photographer.

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  3. Great shot. What draws me in are the textures of the wire and brick and barred windows that set off that sign so dramatically.


  4. This photo is fabulous: bars of light, bars on the window, razor wire and beautiful brickwork. The color contrasts are really something as well! Good for you on this one!


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