73 thoughts on “Blizzard 2016

  1. Ah, I used to love snow days! No school, and then as I grew older, no work. I should have stayed back east. Now I have no excuse except sickness. I plan on seeing a lot more photos of snow from you and Joe and Patti!


    • Yeah, what do you get out there? Excessive heat days?? No beauty in that even if you did πŸ™‚ Laurie was much more prolific than I, posting one each day. I need to see what Joe’s been up to! I only took a handful – guess I should see if any others turned out πŸ™‚


      • Yes, we get excessive heat days. But we also have air conditioning so there is usually no excuse- unless the a.c. is down, which happens more frequently on home units than in businesses. I must admit I was wondering if you made it through the snow storm as you haven’t been posting much lately. Then I figured you and hubby were probably canoodling now that the nest is empty- and you’re selling your house? Or is that something I made up, along with the canoodling?


        • Ha! Great word “canoodling.” Reminds me of “padiddle” and the practice of getting/giving a kiss when one was spotted (I’m pulling from my Michigan college days, now 😎). And if you have no idea what the term means, I refer you to google πŸ™ƒ

          As far as any canoodling going on, I’m too tired from all the “decluttering” I’m doing 😜, which is why I’m not posting as much. Under deadline to get house as decluttered as we can for the painter and his fix-up crew. And I leave in less than two weeks for a three-week stay in Boulder. Am I stressing? You betcha!!

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        • Wow, you’re old! It says the game padiddle started in the 50’s. But you look so good! Oh, well. Anyway, same story at our house, I come home from work wanting a little canoodle and my wife is too tired. It sure wasn’t like that when we were single! So, you’re not selling your house? Where’d I get that idea? We’re putting ours on the market in March. But I think I told you that. Well stop by occasionally! I miss you. And have fun in Boulder. I expect lots of photos.


        • Young at heart, Emilio πŸ™‚ As for the house, the plan IS to sell but by the time we finish getting it ready, I’ll probably love it so much I won’t want to leave πŸ˜‰ Yup, you did tell me. So we’re both doing the decluttering thing! I have been remiss in visiting you – I’m so sorry 😦 I promise to do better πŸ‘πŸ» Boulder and pictures – a few shots here and there perhaps, but not a photo-taking kinda trip this time.

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    • Hiya, Cate!! Sure makes the neighborhood look especially nice, doesn’t it? Are you bummed you missed it? LOL – I’m guessing not, given your snapchats of LA temperatures while all this was raging 😘


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