Airport Extraordinaire

(3 photos) I haven’t picked up my camera since I last travelled to New York City in mid-November. This past weekend, I finally broke free of my post-holiday lethargy and participated in an organized  “photo safari” to Ronald Reagan National Airport in Washington, DC. The benefit of the photo safari was that participants were allowed to use tripods, providing us the opportunity to capture the magnificent beauty of the interior of Terminal C.

Ronald Reagan National Airport Terminal C InteriorA rare moment of sunlight on an otherwise grey, overcast day.

National Airport Terminal C Interior, twilightTwilight

National Airport Terminal C InteriorOriginally posted on Monochromia.

For those in the DC area, check out Capital Photography Center and Washington Photo Safari for more safari offerings.

36 thoughts on “Airport Extraordinaire

  1. Beautiful photos. I specially love the twilight shot. Spectacular building too; like medieval cathedral meets Victorian railway station — temple to progress and technology. 🙂


    • I stayed after class to get that twilight shot 🙂 Too good an opportunity to pass it up! It was definitely fun to be back out with my camera again (I was getting a bit cranky) and you know I’ve been wanting to photograph National for a long time! Thanks, Cate 😘


    • Thanks, Patti! Putting money down on that session was a great motivator – couldn’t bail or I’d forfeit the cost. It turned out to be money well spent – it got me motivated again AND I got to cross something off my bucket list 🙂


  2. I do like this terminal. For some reason, I really like the color here better than the B&W. I would think this terminal would pop in Black&White, but there isn’t a focal point or a line to follow. Where with the color, for some reason, the design comes together. I imagine you can practice on snow pictures this weekend! Hope you’re snugged in. Or in Hawaii.


    • Great food for thought, Lisa. Perhaps I kinda sensed this and that’s why I felt compelled to post it in color as well? I’ll remember that the next time I’m thinking of posting a “pair” and make certain I’m “seeing” the black and white without personal bias 🙂 Now, as for Hawaii, I wish! How about you? Are you all ready?


  3. Golly! I’m speechless. But that doesn’t stop me. These are amazing. The architecture reminds me of older railroad stations. And though the black and white works well, I miss the gold! Great vantage point!


    • You? Speechless? Nope, not gonna happen 😉 Yup, seems the gold is the defining factor of the photo, which should come as no surprise to me as that is truly what makes this terminal so striking! Lisa points out that she, too, prefers the color as it ties everything together unlike the B&W where there is no true focal point. Great feedback from both of you. Thanks for that!

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