13 thoughts on “Monochromia: High Heels

    • Do you actually wear this height, West?? Look great; hellish to wear 😜 I have to admit that I moved to kitten heels about two years ago – gave up the higher ones (which were never as high as these though!).


      • Oh yes I do!! I’m only 5 ft. tall — and wear a size 4-5 shoe — so the higher the better 😉

        I love cute flats but I’m sooo short that I always feel self conscious when I wear them — heels are what boost me up from “half pint” status 😀 … I can now wear my NIECE’s shoes — she’s 7. ugh.


        • LOL, West! You sound just like my daughter 🙂 She’s your height with small feet like you and also has the hardest time finding “young adult” shoes in sizes that fit her. That being said, she did manage to find a few pairs of impressively high-heeled shoes! Makes my heart stop to see her walk in them 🙂

          As for me, never wore flats. I’m 5’5″ (well, actually, I just found out at a recent doctor’s visit that I have, in fact, lost an inch!) but just never had the shapely legs to pull them off 🙃


        • I can completely relate! 😀 (about the troubles in finding shoes that fit at times~) 5’5″ … that’s my dream height 🙂 loosing an inch… that’s scares me so bad— 4’11”??? I can’t even think it..!! hhahah


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