32 thoughts on “Monochromia: Checks & Plaid

  1. You? Shy? And what’s with this high fallutin’ word, serendipitous? Been reading the dictionary again? This image is unbelievably sharp. You told me once before what you learned but could you remind me, please? Something about layers in Photoshop, I think. I’ve got to get to NY soon. Working on my dad’s photos and seeing yours have really given me the itch!


    • You like that one, huh? Wait till I use “copacetic. LOL😉 As for the sharpness, I’m now using PS “unsharp mask,” a misnomer if you ask me (ooh, another high fallitun’ word that just popped into my head 🙃). I simply open the image in PS, selects “filters” from the top menu, and in the drop down menu that opens, select unsharp mask. I use Scott Kelby’s settings as a place to start. I need to look back at my settings to let you know what they are though. Promise to get back to you on that once I’m in front of my computer. And, hey, please let me know if you ever do plan a trip to NYC – I’d be there in a heartbeat!!


    • Hi, Lisa! I’m quite behind on my correspondence, currently working forwards from mid-December! November and December just flew by and here it is mid-January. Well, at least I’m responding before Valentine’s Day 😉 Anyway, glad the dog and the purse gave you a grin too 🙂

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    • Thanks, Alys! It was the dog’s Burberry coat that first caught my eye – fashionable NYC doggie – followed by the wonderful light and shadows. But it was the serendipitous arrival of the woman carrying the checkered shoulder bag that made me press the shutter 🙂


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