48 thoughts on “Up Close: Brooklyn Bridge

  1. Besides showing off your un-matched eye for great moments (love the sun burst), for me, your photo really amplifies the craftsmanship and engineering hutzpah it would take to build something so magnificient back when they didn’t have all the massive equipment available today. I was curious as to when it was built, so Googled it. It was 1883 ! Get out of town, right? No wonder it took them 13 years. I wish the guys who worked on it could have time-warped to your post to see how beautiful it still is today. You’ve made them proud, I’m sure of it. x B


        • Oh thanks. I feel the same about your work. I think we’ve both come a long way over the past year or two. I’m just working on getting better with my portraits. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I think I’m happy with the direction things are going. I still have a ways to go.


        • Thanks right back, Shane. I do believe I have found what I like best to shoot – cityscapes – and I’m having a wonderful time embracing the genre. Portraits will never likely be a draw for me as I like the ability to take my time and reshoot to my heart’s desire. I don’t like the pressure of someone waiting on me to figure things out, nor would I want to disappoint someone with pictures I’ve taken. With what I shoot, I can only disappoint myself 🙂 So I applaud you for embracing portraiture. You’re developing quite a wonderful portfolio of this kind of work. I look forward to seeing where you next take it!


  2. I love this. How did you get to stand there without being run over to capture that or was it a large zoom. I never go to go to that bridge, its quite a fascinating one and very photogenic 🙂


    • Hi, Kaz! Apologies for the late reply – lots of goings-on at my end, including another trip back to NYC and another walk across this wonderful bridge 🙂 As for how I got this shot, no zoom, just my fixed 23mm lens on my Fuji. I was lucky that the bridge wasn’t overly crowded!


  3. Well, Stacey, you have certainly upped your game since we first met. What has gotten into you? Are you actually taking this photo thing seriously? Will you soon be selling prints from your car? Have you no shame?


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