Never Closed

Chelsea Market, West 15th Street, The Tippler entrance

Chelsea pop-up shop at night.

(2 photos) Wandering the streets of Chelsea in New York City, I was excited to put my Fuji X100T through some nighttime paces. It didn’t disappoint! The first shot is outside “The Tippler,” a bar in the basement of Chelsea Market; the second is of a pop-up shop selling men’s and women’s jewelry. Shout out to my son, Ryan, who took me and his dad around this great neighborhood (and who — surprise! — I caught in the first photo ).

Fuji X100T, fixed 23mm f/2.0 lens, 1/60 sec @ f/2.0, ISO 3200

40 thoughts on “Never Closed

  1. That first shot conveys a lot of the excitement of city night life. Funny how similar photos can be dark and sinister, or full of light and energy, depending on the treatment. Lovely photos, Stacy.


  2. Stacy, I’m going crazy- though some might argue I took that trip a long time ago. I know I commented on these photos but there’s nothing here. Did you post these somewhere else? Have you heard from me recently?


  3. I am soaking in your NY shots like photosynthesis, if I soak up enough I will be there. thanks again for some more lovely street shots! Is that a restaurant on wheels?


    • It definitely does, Patti! As far as returning, I have the chance to come up for an overnight next week 🙂 Probably a total of 24 hours, but I’ll take it!! There’s also the possibility of mid-September when Leanne Cole from Australia comes to the city via San Francisco. Do you know of Leanne? She’s a wonderful landscape photographer and her Monochrome Madness Challenge was where I first tried my hand at black and white photography 🙂


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