ABFriday Week 50/June One Photo Focus Reveal

After-and-Before Friday Post HeaderHighlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos

Before we get to the after-before galleries, today’s post reveals the photo for June’s ABFriday One Photo Focus! What is One Photo Focus? It’s the first ABFriday of each month when all participants edit the same photo.

For June’s 1PF, we’re celebrating the one-year anniversary of ABFriday and the six-month anniversary of 1PF by post-processing one of my own photos! Woo-hoo 🎉 And what I’ve chosen is a very overexposed image of the Mork and Mindy house in Boulder, Colorado. While some may be unfamiliar with “Mork and Mindy,” an American sitcom that ran from 1978-1982, I’m certain all have heard of Robin Williams, its young comedic star. This Boulder landmark became a memorial for Mr. Williams upon his tragic death in August 2014.

For those unfamiliar with 1PF, in a nutshell, here’s how it works:

  1. The photo to be edited is revealed in the ABF post two weeks in advance.
  2. If you’d like to join in, email me at visualventuring@gmail.com. I will send you links to the full-sized RAW and jpeg files. Download the one you wish.
  3. Email me your “after” image no later than midnight EST Wednesday, June 3, two days prior to the post.

A time zone converter and all the important submission details are on the After-Before Friday Forum page, as are the details for participating in “regular” ABFriday posts. Wondering how much fun the 1PF challenge is? Check out May’s 1PF! And then join the fun for June!

June’s One Photo Focus Photo!
Submitted by Stacy Fischer

Stacy Fischer, One Photo Focus June

Now, on to this week’s ABFriday galleries, with many thanks to all those participating!

My Submission

This week I’m post-processing an iPhone 6 photo. My husband took this while in Amsterdam a few weeks ago (alas, without me), and I thought I’d put this through my post-processing workflow to see what I could make of it.  A combination of LR basic adjustments and selective edits and Nik Color Efex is all that was needed! 

Submitted by Robin Kent — PhotographybyKent

Robin says: Last week’s readers may recall that my submission was a demonstration of how to “cheat” in Photoshop if the image isn’t all you had hoped it would be.  A quick glance at this week’s After and Before images may lead some to believe that I am becoming a habitual cheater.  Maybe.  Maybe not.  Check my post here to find out the answer.

Submitted by Lynne Ayers — Beyond the Brush Photography

Lynne says: I have wished many times I could understand the layering techniques in PS Elements but, alas, it is too much of a learning curve, it seems.  I found something much simpler, at least for me. 

Submitted by Katie Prior — Drawing with Light

Katie says: More playing in photoshop this week! I used the tritone mode to convert an image to a toned black and white. See how I did it here.

 Submitted by Nic Anderson — Photography by Nic

Nic says: I have been playing around with some plug-ins, scripts, and add-ons in GIMP.  I thought I would try to make this background less distracting and a more appealing color.  I’ll explain some of the tools I used in my post here.

 Submitted by Cee Neuner — Cee’s Photography

Cee says: I decided to turn this rather blah summer photo into an autumn photo with late afternoon lingering storm clouds.  This might be a little over processed, but I am just having some fun with Efex Pro 4.0 software.  I will eventually mellow it out to be more realistic.

Submitted by Mary Hone — Tales from the Backroad

 Submitted by Michelle Lunato — Michelle Lunato Photography

Michelle says: Well, in light of my crazy schedule lately, I decided to create an abstract for this week’s forum. It depicts my hectic schedule, moods and feelings. And, it even has some Jamaican flare from my working vacation.

Submitted by Emilio Pasquale — Photos by Emilio

Submitted by Benjamin Rowe — Aperture64

Ben says: This week I am actually going back and editing an old HDR with Lightroom’s new HDR feature to see what the difference is and how my style may have changed.

Submitted by Amy — The World Is a Book

 Please click on the links of those who contributed this week, to read about their post-processing steps and/or to see what other treasures they have on their blogs. They’d love to have you visit!

So what do you think of the ABFriday forum?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. And don’t forget to view the guidelines if you want to participate. I’d love to have you onboard!

42 thoughts on “ABFriday Week 50/June One Photo Focus Reveal

  1. Simply Amazing how much I learned from this one short video on Lightroom! Simple things I did not even know existed yet. Thank your for such informative videos Stacy!


    • Mitch, clearly I continue to be behind on answering replies on my posts. Apologies for taking so long. But, boy, you pulled up an “oldie” 🙂 Thanks so much for letting me know that you found it helpful. Hope all is well!


  2. I missed the allusion to Mork and Mindy. Had to read the comments. But now I wonder if my processing will adhere to the style of the show (yes, I already completed my processing and now have to wait two weeks to post it)! Oh, well. I am not going to gush over your work this week but you better never give up the videos. They really help to emphasize what you do and how you do it. I usually am able to pick up one or two good hints. Thanks! The subtle transfirmation you did on hubby’s iphone picture really elevates it!


    • Sorry for the late reply, Emilio! The three-day weekend really threw me off. Actually, I thought inside the box on this one (yet again …) Don’t know why I did, now that you mention doing something in keeping with the style of the show 😉 Ah, well, I presume Ben might come forth with something like that (and a few others)! As for the videos, I promise not to give them up. Doing them only once (or twice) a month will be much easier to keep up with. Thanks for being such a fan!


  3. Finally got a chance to see the video Stacy. So an iPhone image!! Well, the good news for those who have invested in LR , PS, and various plugins is that it looks even better after the post-processing steps. Excellent video description of what you did and how. Thanks!


  4. A little late to the party, but I would like to say that I am impressed the Iphone’s photo did so well to open up the shadows and add the drama to the sky as much as it did. Nice editing and a great shot (I am not sure if I should be writing this to you or your husband).


  5. Shazbot!!! This 1PF challenge will require an extreme effort to even enter the Zone of Worthiness. In the meantime Stacy, this is an excellent group of ABF submissions. I am having a great time looking at each one. I really like your “After” image but plan to watch the video a little later today (my Saturday To Do List is calling me with an increasingly insistent tone).


    • LOL, Robin! I’m just seeing your comments today – yikes, where does the time go?? It was a great week, wasn’t it? Hope you got your Saturday to do list done, and as for the Zone of Worthiness, I’ve begun to receive submissions and it’s very humbling! 🙂 Nanu-nanu 👍🏻


  6. Wow everyone brought their A-game this week! Such great photos! I’m really liking your current ‘style’ (the UK Bobby Photo and this week’s photo)… nice color pop, details, and bringing up the shadows. 😀

    Mork and Mindy was my favorite show as a kid, Nanu Nanu! 😀


  7. Wow, I never knew there was a Mork and Mindy house! How exciting to be working on this photo, I used to love this programme as a kid! 🙂
    Really nice edit on this photo, its a great improvement. I’m amazed at how much detail the iPhone 6 has captured and how much it could be edited in LR, I almost forgot it was an image from a phone! Great job! 🙂


    • I’m glad you like the image I chose, Katie (and I just sent out the links to everyone 😀). As for the iPhone, one of my favorite photos on my blog is another one my hubby took while in NYC and one I processed for ABF quite a bit ago. I was astounded then at how much could be done with the phone images. And what a nice compliment to say you almost forget this one was from a phone 🙂 Thanks!

      P.S. Check your photos on my post as Max (Cardinal Guzman) has left a comment there for you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

  8. Thank you so much for the step by step process, Stacy! Amazing transformation! I haven’t use the pro contrast as I should and did not know the selected mask overlay. I was not clear about the eraser for the mask overlay, could you explain to me?


  9. Your subtle changes really popped the colors in the photo. What a fun place that must have been to shoot. And yes, I am old enough to remember Mork and Mindy. That house is such a cute style.


    • I would have loved to have gone with him, especially because it was tulip time! Oh well, perhaps there will be a next time. It was fun to see the house – brought back a lot of memories of that “silly” show 🙂


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