After-Before Friday Week 46

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Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos

Before we get to this week’s galleries, just a reminder that there’s still time to participate in May’s One Photo Focus on May 1, where all participants submit their post-processed version of this image submitted by Shane Francescut of The Weekly Minute:

Shane Francecut One Photo Focus May

Check out After-Before Friday Week 45 to find out how! For all the details on ABFriday and One Photo Focus, visit the After-Before Friday Forum page. Join the party!

Now, on to this week’s ABFriday galleries, with many thanks to all those participating!

My submission: Sometimes I practice my camera skills by shooting objects around the house. This week, I’m post-processing a candlestick. Exciting? Not really. But hold on to your hats for the video, where you’ll  learn about using radial filters to selectively change exposure in different parts of a photo! Can you stand the excitement? 😉  

Submitted by Robin Kent — PhotographybyKent

Robin says: Earth Day was this week, and I’ve been spending my photography time in several local parks where Mother Nature is the prime attraction.  And in Virginia, this week is when the Virginia bluebells put on their show.  This image was taken on April 22 (Earth Day) last year but I had not processed it until now. For details on how the “Before” was transformed into the “After,” check out my post here.

Submitted by Anne-Cécile — UnClicUnePhoto

Anne-Cécile says:  I call this ” I drowned in your eyes.” If any of you want some information about how I do “these things,”  just email me! My email is on my blog.

Submitted by Nic Anderson — Photography by Nic

Nic says: I bought a new camera and I made a rookie mistake, I forgot to check the white balance.  Normally that would be no problem, except that this camera doesn’t do RAW, only JPG… oh man.  So I had to find a way to quickly fix 50 images with Tungsten WB on images taken outside at Sunrise.  Let’s just say everything was *very* BLUE!  Check out my blog for how I fixed this quickly.  And if you want to know what the pup is looking at, I’ll reveal that too! 😀

 Submitted by Cee Neuner — Cee’s Photography

 Submitted by Benjamin Rowe — Aperture64

 Ben says: With the new edition of Lightroom Life on Creative cloud i changed my mind about what image I was going to edit this week. I choose an image I had trouble with editing in lightroom last year, but with the new fun toys in the new addition I have given it another go. My post will be live here.

 Submitted by Mary Hone — Tales from the Backroad

Submitted by Lynne Ayers — Beyond the Brush Photography

Lynne says: This was an experiment in changing the mood of a photo. 

Submitted by Loré Dombaj — Snow’s Fissures and Fractures

Loré says: It happens once in a million, but there are images I really like how they were taken originally. This is one of them. For the sake of argument, I played around and posted the best “after” version. Still, I prefer original.

 Submitted by Emilio Pasquale — Photos by Emilio

Emilio says: The Old Las Vegas Mormon Fort was the first structure built by people of European blood fifty years before Las Vegas became what Las Vegas is today. Interesting that the Old Mormons pitched their tents or parked their buggies just down the block from The Strip, a mecca that provides fun and variety for all sinners!

 Submitted by Michelle Lunato — Michelle Lunato Photography

Michelle says: Since I seem to be a hot-mess of unorganized and didn’t work on my AB Friday post on my laptop in time, I decided to try a little photo editing with a picture on my iPhone. This way, I don’t miss my AB Friday addiction fix and I am getting practice with my fairly new app. A few months ago, I installed this application called Camera Plus, which I generally use for macro shots since I don’t have a macro lens for my Nikon or Cannon. So, here is a quick little blurb on what I did with a phone picture and app…  

 Please click on the links of those who contributed this week, to read about their post-processing steps and/or to see what other treasures they have on their blogs. They’d love to have you visit!

So what do you think of the ABFriday forum?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. And don’t forget to view the guidelines if you want to participate. I’d love to have you onboard!

19 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Week 46

  1. Hi, Stacie. Amy sent me on over here and I followed you because I am intensely interested in learning more about LR. Right now I am up to my eyeballs with gardening, but I am planning in the near future to come back here to listen to your tutorial. I combine PS with LR and what I have been doing I really like. Yet, I am always open in learning more. And yes, I have a LOT more to learn. So I thank you ahead of time!! Love, Amy ❤ (the other Amy 🙂 )


    • Amy, I am so honored by your follow! Thanks so very much. Amy is one of my biggest “video” supporters and I am humbled that she suggested me to you. Once you have the time, if there is anything you particularly would like me to address in upcoming videos, please let me know. I mostly use Lightroom and Google Nik plug-ins, with an occasional foray into PS (that’s a behemoth that I really need to learn!) 😀

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your words are just so sweet, Stacy. I apologize for spelling your name wrong. I’ve lately been buried up to my eyeballs in something called Life. As I told you, I alternate between PS and LR, finishing up with my final edits in LR. I’ve just recently been doing new in LR and I could honestly use all the help I could get. I really look forward in sitting down to listen to your videos on how to navigate around LR. I agree with you that PS is huge, and pssst I use PS Elements still unable to get up the courage to jump into CC. The majority of my editing is in LR, using just the basics in PS before I shoot immediately over to LR. I used the Radial Filter for the first time the other day, and was amazed what I could do. When, and I am saying when, Life slows down for me, I am heading over to you. I actually have your blog on my desktop so that I have easy access to it. I trust Amy’s judgment so the honor is really all mine that you are so willing to help. I know how valuable time is, believe me. May your evening be filled with Peace and Love. Thank you again! Love, Amy ❤


  2. I enjoyed your video so much, it helps me appreciate all the effort you put I to this edit, looking at after/before you see just the smallest adjustments, but the video puts it all in a different perspective. Truly an excellent edit. Personally, I would use burned candle, just to add character to the image. But that’s me, drama queen. 😉


  3. Great submissions again this week! 😀 I’ll have to go visit everyone’s blogs. I need to watch your video too. But from what I can tell you’ve done a fine job of making the light wrap around the candlestick, and removed some of the exposure from the side that is facing the sun, subtle but effective. 😀


  4. Thank you so much, Stacy! The original photo was great, but the editing made it even more beautiful! I’ve learned about the lens correction and will try to use it. 🙂 I hope to apply the Efex preset effects to the May One Focus. 🙂 Enjoyed the video, thank you!


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