Cherry Blossoms in DC!

In keeping with the theme of the photo I post-processed for todays’ After-Before Friday post, here are a few more photos from my foray to the Tidal Basin last weekend. A huge hug and shout-out to my wonderful husband, who drove me down and dropped me off while he then battled bumper-to-bumper traffic for an hour to find parking and get back to me. By the time he did, blue hour was quickly waning. Ten minutes after he found me, we packed up and walked around to the Jefferson Memorial, where he left me, so I could photograph there while he went back to get the car. Thanks, sweetie 💕

Cherry Blossoms and the crowds around the Tidal Basin in Washington, DC.On a beautiful, 70-degree Saturday afternoon, the crowds around the Tidal Basin to view these gorgeous beauties were expected, but nevertheless daunting.

Cherry Blossoms with a view of the Jefferson Memorial in the background.A view of the Jefferson Memorial.

2015 Cherry Blossoms-3Golden Hour reflected on the Tidal Basin cherry trees and the Washington Monument

2015 Cherry Blossoms-4Blue Hour, Jefferson Memorial

45 thoughts on “Cherry Blossoms in DC!

  1. Gasp! You’ve captured the scenes all so beautifully Stacy. While we didn’t get the fair weather the day we took it all in, we also didn’t have to surf the throngs of other visitors. Wow, that’s a lot of admirers ! It’s really beautiful at dusk with the lights. I’d love to walk thru at that time of day. Something to look forward too on the next visit. xB


  2. How you managed such beautiful photos with the crowds is beyond belief… magical. I’m so glad you braved the crowds to get these… they look fantastic and remind me what a beautiful place Washington DC can be. AND a big thanks from me to your husband as well for being such a trooper and a caring man to do that for his wife. I have one of those too, how lucky are we 🙂


    • It was amazing, Kaz – the vantage points I wanted were miraculously unclaimed by other photographers. The one looking straight across to the silhouette of Jefferson, the one I had pictured in my mind from last year, was standing there waiting for me. And in fact, other photographers came after me, clearly disappointed that I had occupied the spot. My husband asked me later why I continued to take basically the same shot, and I said that I knew the second I left it, it would be gone and I wanted the silhouette in the blue hour. And so I have a lot of the same photos, just with different lighting 🙂

      Thanks, as always, for your wonderful comments. And happy you have a caring guy in your corner as well!


  3. Beautiful shots, Stacy! The only time I’ve been to DC was a few weeks after the cherry blossoms were at their peak, but someday I’d like to see them when they’re at that point.


    • Thanks, Sabina. I do hope you get the chance someday to see them in all their gloriousness. But it’s always somewhat of a crap shoot, depending on the weather, as to the few days each year they hit peak. That’s one of the nice things about actually living here – the ability to go down on a moment’s notice 🙂

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  4. Thanks so much for sharing! I know DC isn’t that far away, but I hate crowds so much that I haven’t gone except on business once years ago. I’ve always heard the cherry blossoms are gorgeous there and loved seeing them.



  5. The shot of the crowd of people made me quite happy to have missed the festival Stacey. We walked around the Tidal Basin two days before in relative solitude! We drove out of DC watching the traffic inching in bumper to bumper. The Tidal Basin walk is very beautiful and crammed full of fascinating memorials and statues and views and the cherry blossoms were stunning to see. It’s a very beautiful place and you have captured it so well! Love the ‘blue hour’ shot of Jefferson!


    • Thanks, Pauline! I’m so glad you all got to see the blossoms! They are a wonderful sight, aren’t they? While you didn’t have the crowds, I think you did have the cold. I had the crowds because it was a gorgeous 70-degree day 🙂

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    • Thanks so much! The blossoms are really gorgeous and I’m not always lucky enough to get down there each year. I hope you got to see all of the photos (4 total) to give you a better view of the whole experience 🙂


  6. Lovely images of the blossoms, especially that golden light hitting the National Monument and the line of that intersecting with the curve of the tidal basin. It is so nice to have a partner who is supportive of one’s creativity, isn’t it?


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