Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

Ceiling art, Red Robin, Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield, ColoradoRed Robin Gourmet Burgers, Flatiron Crossing, Broomfield, Colorado

(Click for larger image.) This week’s Photo Challenge is “wall,” and while technically this is a ceiling, I’m thinking of it as a wall of artwork. I was so enamored with the creativity of the idea that I performed some very awkward contortions in the booths occupying the space underneath to capture the display. Luckily, the restaurant was fairly empty.

Interestingly, this photo is NOT processed with HDR software. I used a combination of Lightroom, Nik Viveza, Nik Color Efex Pro, and Nik Efex Dfine (for noise reduction). The most difficult aspect of post-processing was the crop, as my original angle was very skewed. Lightroom Lens Correction tools came to the rescue!

As for what this wall reveals, it’s nothing earth-shattering or life-changing; rather it reflects my fascination with creativity, wherever it may be found, and my appreciation for whoever figured out the layout and spacing of this display. Having done abundant calculations of my own when creating countless displays of photographs, I know the work that went into this. Bravo for this wall – from the idea to the execution!

For another of my “wall” interpretations, visit Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall (2).

49 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Wall

  1. While I love the end result, I’d sure have loved to see the process of capturing the image 🙂
    It’s been so long since I’ve had a moment to visit favorite blogs on WP (or even post on my own). It’s nice to be here!


    • Ah, it’s nice to “see” you, Laurie. I can’t even begin to imagine how busy your life is these days! I, too, can’t seem to get around to visit my WP friends, and I’m not running for delegate! 🙂


  2. You’re right Stacy, I’ve just done a wall of photos and there was so much measuring and calculating and string lines and blutac! What a cool “wall” you’ve discovered.


  3. Good morning, Stacy. Amazing photo! The color, the composition… I like them all. And what a cool idea! I look up to the ceiling above me, imaging seeing my photos up there… I love it. 😉 Thanks.


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