Ed’s Sunday Stills: Agriculture

hay fields

I’m not quite certain whether this scene is in Colorado or Wyoming; all I know is, as my husband and I were driving from Boulder to Jackson Hole, this was somewhere well after we exited Rocky Mountain National Park. It was a small farming community and the light of summer day was quickly giving way to sunset. With rain falling in the distance, my husband stopped the car so I could get out and capture this beautiful scene.

Thanks to Ed of Sunday Stills Photography for his “agriculture” challenge this week. As Ed says: This week’s challenge is all about farmers and ranchers. Let’s face it – without them we would starve, so here is a big THANK YOU to the farmers and ranchers of the world!


47 thoughts on “Ed’s Sunday Stills: Agriculture

  1. And here is a big THANK YOU to hubby who stopped the car for you. Isn’t it nice to have mates who indulge our idiosyncrasies? Love the lighting!


  2. Thanks to you and your husband for having the grace to stop and get this lovely photo, I love the clouds the mood and those hay bales of which I don’t feel I have gotten “the” shot yet but you have, beautiful 🙂


    • I was sad to have to get back in the car and drive away. I could have stayed there until the sun set. But, being on the side of a narrow road – well, I understood my husband’s reluctance 😉 Thanks, SC!


  3. What a great scene. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen purple rain and that was an occasion I did not have my camera with me (Long and boring story). But this is wonderful, Thanks for the reminder.


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