Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

Executive Residence, South Face, White House

Symmetrical south facade of the White House

October 2012 found me inside the fence that surrounds the home of the President of the United States, touring the grounds and gardens during the annual White House fall garden tour. This shot from the South Lawn showcases the south face of the Executive Residence, where the First Family lives. It also showcases the symmetry of the neoclassical Federal design of the Residence – draw an imaginary vertical line down the middle of the photo and the two sides mirror each other.

The beautifully manicured South Lawn (it really was this green!) is the setting for official events, such as State Arrival Ceremonies, as well as informal events, like the annual Easter Egg Roll. Marine One, the presidential helicopter, also arrives and departs from the South Lawn, setting down on three removable aluminum discs that correspond to the copter’s landing gear.

South portico of the United States White House

South Portico, the White House

The second-story balcony of the South Portico is called the Truman Balcony, after the President who had it built. It is located off the Oval Yellow Room and is used by the First Family for entertaining or for simply relaxing and enjoying the beautiful view of the White House grounds.

White House Rose Garden

White House Rose Garden, against the backdrop of the open colonnade of the West Wing gallery.

One of two ceremonial gardens of the White House, the Rose Garden borders the Oval Office and the West Wing of the White House.

White House Oval Office

The Oval Office

At the end of the West Wing gallery sits the Oval Office. The unassuming exterior provides no clue to the power within.

The White House and south lawn viewed through the fence.

24 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Symmetry

    • Thanks, Sylvia! I went through at Christmastime many, many years ago and it was pretty awesome. Since I don’t have photos from that, I’m assuming no pictures are ever allowed of the interior, which makes sense. So it was definitely a treat to have unfettered photographic access to the grounds. Do you live near DC or were you visiting?

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  1. Great photos. My in-laws used to live in DC so I’ve seen the White House several times but I’ve never been inside the perimeter. It’s great, therefore, to see your lovely architectural photos showing the building from different angles.


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