Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

Cruise ships docked side by side in port.Basseterre, St. Kitts

Last week, a shot of a cruise ship docked at this pier illustrated depth; this week, I’m thinking this shot does a pretty good job depicting scale!

36 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Scale

    • And not the biggest in their fleets, Patti 🙂 It’s really rather wild to walk up the pier to board through the entrance on the lower decks – I imagine it’s how Jonah felt when faced with the whale! 😉


  1. Oh my gosh! I’ve never been on a cruise and never seen a cruise ship up close.
    Now my father was a Captain in the US Navy and I saw big ships but this picture really does show their immense size.


    • Laurie, there are ones even bigger than these two! Royal Caribbean has Oasis and Allure, which are like three times the size. I’ve only seen pictures, but they’re like floating cities with separate “neighborhoods”! Ziplines, bumper cars, Broadway caliber shows. Just amazing.


  2. Terrific shot Stacy! I think what does it for me on this shot is the bright highlights and deep shadows. The rim lighting one peoples heads and shoulders, and on various parts of the ships really help separate everything and everyone in the image. The foreground, midground, and background elements are all excellent and lead the eye all over this picture. I love the group of people interacting in the bottom right; there’s nice greenery in the midground; and the two ships guarding in the background are the final piece of the puzzle, but are also the main feature in the image. This is definitely one of my favorite images of yours. Great job!


    • Shane, thanks so much for your amazing critique of my image! It’s so strange that you mention the three “grounds” – fore, mid, and back – only because I had just read about the importance of having all three in an image and it was something I have never really consciously thought about. So it was a big ah-hah moment for me. And then to have you hone in on that in this image – well, isn’t it just weird how that happens somehow? Like when you first hear a new word, and then all of a sudden, you’re hearing it all the time. Anyway, capturing the people was pure luck – I was simply trying to get the symmetry of the two ships and this group just wouldn’t move 🙂 But in studying the image with my knew-found knowledge and your validation of it, I realize that the image would not have been as strong without them there. Serendipity, right? Again, many thanks. I’m delighted you like it so much.

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