With these two pictures, I make my first foray into Ed’s Sunday Stills. This week’s challenge: Orange. I’ve been waiting for just such a challenge to post these photos, so thanks, Ed! Thanks also to Karen of daysandmonths for the “introduction”!

15 thoughts on “Orange

  1. Wow Stacy, I want to tell you something about this couple of photos. Starting with the one of the orange shoes, which I see as an interesting anecdote perfect for the theme “Orange”. And, then, you show that other fantastic photo which I consider as an authentic gem. My goodness! I don’t know how you read it but, for me, this is an extraordinary and meaningful document loaded with profound human content. Just love it!


    • Jaime, I’m so glad the photo of the two women spoke to you the same way the scene spoke to me. I almost posted it for the “Humanity” photo theme – I don’t know what stopped me. Nevertheless, it really was a touching scene as I watched it unfold. Just the kindness of the vendor, the poignancy of the woman in the wheelchair shopping for a dress. All just touched my heart and cried out for a photo. The orange shoes? Saw him coming and just adored his style πŸ™‚ Thanks, as always, for your wonderful comment!


  2. Perfect forum for your orange photos Stacy. I love Orange but not sure I would wear those sneakers or dress but nevertheless a really nice urban shot of Washington DC, I too like the motion it really feels like Im there πŸ™‚


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