Travel Theme: Noise

Inspired by Ailsa’s Travel Theme, I finally have a post for these two photos.

View of the underside of a jet just after takeoff

The shot of the jet is from Gravelly Point Park just 400 feet north of the runway of Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport in Arlington, Virginia. And while I used my zoom lens at 200mm to shoot this plane, on takeoff it was close! Probably only about 100 feet above me as it jetted into the sky and past the park at 150 mph. During peak travel times, as many as two planes per minute take off or land (the direction depends on which way the wind is blowing). I’ve heard the noise is louder during take off, but that landing is much more dramatic – the planes look impossibly low approaching the runway. Guess I’ll have to go back!

For a photo from this same shoot with a different perspective on “takeoff,”  visit my post Ed’s Sunday Stills: Planes.

Two onlookers stop on a street corner to watch approaching ambulance

The shot of the ambulance, with lights flashing (and noisy sirens blaring), is from a favorite street of mine – Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, Washington, DC. You’ve seen glimpses before of life along this street: a Mexican restaurant, a French cafe (twice), and most recently, a bicyclist zipping down the street. I venture to say you’ll see more as time goes on – my hair salon is located there!

21 thoughts on “Travel Theme: Noise

  1. Stacy I really love the photo of the plane! I live near an airport and took a few shots of it passing by my home as well; your photo reminded me of that day. Your photos are marvelous and I wouldn’t know the issue you had with editing the plane had you not mentioned it–and only by mention.


    • Ha! Guess I should keep my “secrets” to myself 😉 It was definitely fun to give it a try, and I will go back better armed knowing what to expect. I really would like to get them landing, as it will be a totally different experience. Did you post your plane photos? I’ll have to take a look! Thanks for taking the time to comment. I really do appreciate it 🙂


  2. For some reason I find the plane photo really scary – perhaps it’s the angle……..and the fact that it looks as if you were right beneath it. Your ambulances are bright, eye-catching affairs! Ours are just plain white with a simple logo and the word ‘ambulance’ written backward above the front window.


    • The plane was scary, Pauline! Standing underneath it, seeing all that size and power going overhead, made me pray that it kept right on going as it was supposed to. As for the ambulances, in the States, they’re definitely difficult to miss with the red!


    • Thanks, Ben. I have to admit my camera settings were way off (the original was pretty dark) so it took a great deal of post-processing to get a look I was happy with. Nik Efex Pro really helped my initial efforts in Lightroom.


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