11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Art (1)

  1. This immediately brought to mind Edvard Munch’s wood carving “The Scream” (1893), thought to be reflective of the universal anxiety of modern man. However, I had a much more visceral reaction to this simple yet amazing photograph than I ever did to Munch’s iconic masterpiece. Not only do the facial features reflect a sad and tortured soul, but physically the subject is eternally encased in a brick and concrete sarcophagus allowing her no recourse to address her plight. The unease of this amazing visual evoked feelings of both emotional and physical claustrophobia that caused me to take deep breaths before moving on. That a photograph could elicit such a response is truly a credit to the person behind the lens!


    • Debby, I’m blown away by your thought-provoking comment. I immediately googled the painting and realized I had seen it before, but didn’t know anything about it. The history behind it and its creator is definitely a fascinating read. That my simple photo should have elicited a stronger response in you than “The Scream” is beyond imagination. And that it caused such physical feelings? Apologies for the feelings of claustrophobia, but how incredibly rewarding it is to know that something I have done has made such an impact. That’s the whole point of creativity, isn’t it? Thank you, thank you, for your comment. You compel me to dig deeper into what I choose to shoot.


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