Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

While most of these images would better be described as “signs,” I chose them because of the different styles of lettering they presented, as well as for the images themselves. From France and Rome to Alaska and upstate New York, these photos call out their messages: relax and enjoy the view, find your way, remember the past.

Posted as part of the Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters.

To see a slideshow of the original and post-processed Hamilton Movie Theater image,
visit After-Before Friday: Now a Community Post

11 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Letters

  1. I love the strength that the variety of geometric forms, produced by all those lines, as well as the color contrast, give to your photos Stacy, very well done!. As choise for this challenge, the Marie Antoinette tribute is the one I like the most; amazing letter game – logo design!

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    • Thanks, Jaime, I always value your opinion! I had photographed it because of the bright, bold colors. I do think the monogram/logo best meets the spirit of the “letter” challenge, but the others were just too much fun to leave out 🙂


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