Monochromia: Paddleboats and Memorials

Originally posted on Monochromia.

Paddleboaters on Tidal Basin in front of Jefferson MemorialTidal Basin, Jefferson Memorial, Washington, D.C.

Enjoying a refreshingly cooler summer day in DC, my husband and I decided to do something we had never done in our 36 years in the area: we donned orange lifejackets and paddled around the Tidal Basin. From the Martin Luther King Jr Memorial to the FDR Memorial and finally to the Jefferson, it took us an hour. Despite thinking an hour wasn’t going to be long enough, it was just right to make the rounds of the Basin (and get in a good workout!).

Capturing a decent shot of other paddle boaters was much more difficult – trying to maneuver our boat while others were maneuvering theirs while attempting to get a clear shot of the monument with minimal camera blur took some patience and quite a bit of luck. This was the best shot and a fun remembrance of the day.

10 thoughts on “Monochromia: Paddleboats and Memorials

  1. Love it! The Mall, the Tidal Basin and it’s monuments. I used to have an office on a house boat in the Basin, near a bunch of good restaurants… a long time ago. Now I have family there, and a new excuse to visit! I hiked a bit of Rock Creek Park about a month ago, and will be back for more of that next spring.


    • Wow, how long ago was that?? Rock Creek Park is a place I have yet to discover – another thing on my bucket list 🙂 And spring in DC? Definitely. Love those cherry blossoms. Thanks for your comment!


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