September One Photo Focus

Highlighting the creative magic behind post-processed photos

Welcome to ABFriday’s monthly One Photo Focus! This month, 20 photographers are sharing their post-processing interpretations of one “before” image submitted by yours truly.

We begin with my “before” image, followed by the “afters,” and at the end, a gallery of all so you can watch the changes as you scroll through. Be sure to click the links to each participant’s blog as many have written posts “uncovering the magic” behind their “after” images. And if you would like to participate in October’s One Photo Focus, you’ll find all the details on the After-Before Friday Forum page.


Balclutha submitted for September 2016 One Photo Focus

Submitted by Stacy Fischer — Visual Venturing

Stacy Fischer, Visual Venturing

Truth be told, I actually had a fairly difficult time with my own photo.  I took the shot because of the light on the rigging and the bow of the boat, but the colors were pretty muddy looking. So I decided to accentuate the light and then have fun with the colors. I used a combination of LR adjustments to bring out as much of the rigging and bow light as I could, and then I took it into Topaz Impression, where for the life of me, I can’t remember which one of the filters I chose and then tweaked. (I thought I had written it down, but I can’t find my notes, as I worked on this two weeks ago.) I then finished by bringing it back into LR and applying a few more color adjustments to the water to make it bluer.

Thanks to all who participated – I always love to see everyone’s creativity! Stay tuned for next month, when we’ll be post-processing something a little different – a cellphone photo from Y. Prior!

Submitted by Bryan — theonlyD800inthehameau

Bryan, theonlyD800inthehameau

Submitted by Leara Morris-Clark – LearaWrites

Leara Morris-Clark, LearaWrites

Submitted by Bren Ryan — RyanPhotography

Bren Ryan, RyanPhotography

 Submitted by Cee Neuner — Cee’s Photography

Cee Neuner, Cee's Photography

 Submitted by Raewyn — decocraftsdigicrafts

Raewyn, decocraftsdigicrafts

Submitted by Rajiv Chopra — rajivchopra

Rajiv Chopra, rajivchopra

Submitted by Bud — A Young Retirement

Bud, A Young Retirement

Submitted by Sherry Felix – Port4u

Sherry Felix, Port4u

Balclutha edited by Sherry Felix

Submitted by Kate Illes — Kate – Photography

Kate Illes -- Kate - Photography

Submitted by Marsha Leith — CoolQuilting

Marsha Leith, CoolQuilting

Marsha says: Edited with Hipstamatic app.

Submitted by Khürt Williams — Island in the Net

Khürt Williams, Island in the Net

Khürt says: My original thought was that I could replace the cloudy sky with something more dramatic. I wanted to layer in a background of a large moon or moons and space rock to give a feeling the this ship was docked on an alien ocean. But I could not find a suitable background so I opted for a simpler replacement with a bluer and less cloudy sky. The background image is by Matthew Kosloski who released it as a Creative Common Zero (CC0) image on Unsplash. I removed the buoy and rope and applied a personal preset to adjust the shadows, highlights, and contrast.

Submitted by Joanne Ritchie — Coffee Fuels My Photography!

Joanne Ritchie, Coffee Fuels My Photography!

Joanne says: Love carved figureheads on the bows of these old vessels, they are so intriguing, hence I wanted to highlight “Neptune’s wooden angel.”

Submitted by Emilio Pasquale — Photos by Emilio

Emilio Pasquale, Photos by Emilio

 Submitted by Marie — The Syllabub Sea

Marie, The Syllabub Sea

Submitted by Y. Prior — Priorhouse blog

Y. Prior - priorhouse blog

Y. Prior says: For this month’s ABF, I first applied a “transfer” filter to the image.  I then added some layers of water to give us a bit more water in the foreground. I wanted to add in scuba divers again this month, but the underwater divers seemed out of place and so I changed the divers to have them coming up for air. It seemed to work. I added in a distant moon on the horizon and left the darker tone in the moon to maybe work with the tone in the verticals on the ship. 

Submitted by Yan Balczewski — From Hiding to Blogging

Yan Balczewski, From Hiding to Blogging

 Submitted by Luis O. Gutierrez —
Luis O. Gutierrez, luisogutierrez

Luis says: This is what I did –

1. Edited the image in Snapseed. That’s where I cropped and color corrected it. 
1. Took that image and made 12 layers in Photoshop Mix. I resize and blended them differently. 
3. Opened back in Snapsed and added the border. 
4. Added the signature in Photoshop Plus for IOS
5. Resized it and saved it
All the above was completed on an IPhone 6s and an IPad Pro
6. Photograph belongs to Stacy Fischer

 Submitted by Michelle Lunato — Michelle Lunato Photography

Michelle Lunato, Michelle Lunato Photography

Michelle says: For this month, I wanted to try something new but couldn’t figure out what that was. So, I took two prior techniques I have tried and combined them to see what happened….

Submitted by Ashleigh Pienaar — Through the Viewfinder

Ashleigh Pienaar, Through the Viewfinder

 Please click on the links of those who contributed this week, to read about their post-processing steps and/or to see what other treasures they have on their blogs. They’d love to have you visit!

So what do you think of the ABFriday forum?

Feel free to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section. And don’t forget to view the guidelines if you want to participate. I’d love to have you onboard!

43 thoughts on “September One Photo Focus

  1. I like your use of Topaz Impressions. Not overdone. And it looks like you picked up or added shimmering highlights on the side of the boat. Great work, as usual, Stacy. (I know I’m a lousy friend, commenting so late. But I’m working on getting better.)


  2. I really like your edit with the Topaz! I need to add that filter and play in LR more. I am in awe of all the edits. Holy smokes! There are some creative people on here! From icebergs to pelicans to 12 layers of blended wizardry. I need to step up my game:)


  3. WOW these edits are great…. I know what you mean Stacy, it is hard processing your own photo… when it is in a photography challenge. I have to say I love the edits where they have put the boat in icy conditions… It is so hard to choose which one is my favourite because they are all brilliant… but if pressured I would have to say the edit by Sherry Felix. Again many thanks Stacy for hosting this challenge… it is greatly appreciated…


  4. Lots of people did composites this month. I am not that talented or my ethics won’t let me (I am not sure which). Personally I liked Emilio’s and Marie’s the best of this group.


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