38 thoughts on “Monochromia: The Pier

      • Yes, the weather cooperated. Those clouds are something, and to have them with the water and the sand then the pier, a very rich photo.

        You know I’ve been thinking about those mirrorless cameras… That’s what you have, right? 🙂


        • Yup, I have a the Fuji x100T and really love it. It’s got a fixed 23mm f/2 lens, 16.3 MP APS-C cropped sensor, an electronic viewfinder that is superb (I see exactly what the image will look like as I make adjustments), and of course it’s incredibly light. It’s also just so much more intuitive for me than my Nikon. The only thing I do miss is a telephoto lens. The XT1 is the model I would go for if I wanted to expand my kit. Shaped like a DSLR but much smaller, it has interchangeable lenses. The body is about the same price as the x100T, but then you’ve got to add the lenses, and as with any camera, good glass is expensive.

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        • Thanks, Stacy. A friend was telling me this week he just bought the Fuji x100T. Looks like the XT1 is very pricy. I change lenses a lot but maybe that’s not so important if you don’t have to! Anyway, I want a wide angle lens but am hesitant to buy one if I might one day go to the mirrorless camera. I have to think! Thanks again for sharing your experience.


        • Nicci, just so you know, the 100T does have two “conversion” lenses that fit over the existing camera lens. One is a wide angle (equivalent to 28 mm) and the other is a telephoto (equivalent to 50 mm). The glass is wonderful and at $350 each, worthy additions to my kit.

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