San Francisco, Here I Come!

San Francisco Bay and Golden Gate from Battery SpencerSan Francisco Bay from Battery Spencer, Marin Headlands

Yup, when this posts, I’ll be at the airport awaiting my flight. My plans? See that white island in the bay in the distance? That’s Alcatraz. I’ll be spending most of Thursday there, taking the first ferry over in the morning and going back on the last ferry for the night tour. I’m so excited! As for the rest of my few days there? Chinatown, Fort Point, Baker Beach, California Street … so much ground to cover, but if I can walk 33 miles in 3 days in New York City, I think I’m up for this challenge!

Have a great week everyone!

42 thoughts on “San Francisco, Here I Come!

  1. You go girl!! It’s my favourite city!! I’ve never made it to Alcatraz. I’m assuming you’re going to be shooting it?? Looking forward to your shots of it and our bridge 😉


  2. Watch out for those hills, though! I would suggest North Beach, too. And I could go on and on. I went to SFSU for some of the best times of my life!


    • Thanks, Patti! Wish you were here to share it with me 🙂 As for the shot of GGB, quick parting shot after a short stop at Battery Spencer on the way to Napa Valley the end of August. I was trying to get a different view and this ended up working well for purposes of my post, with Alcatraz in the frame 🙂

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        • Wish you could too, Patti! Funny you said mention getting back to NYC. I’ve actually just signed up through my local community center for a one-day bus trip to the 9/11 Museum 🙂 I know, been there, done that, but I never had the chance to see the entirety of the museum the first time I was there. And any chance to come to the city is a good one 😀


  3. I love San Francisco – though I’ve not been there for 15 years – and I can well imagine what a treat it will be for you as a photographer. I look forward to reading about what you do and, of course, seeing all of your photographs from the trip. Alcatraz was a highlight of SF for me so I’m sure you are going to love that visit.


      • Any chance of getting a pic as viewed from a trolley at the top of the street, lookin’ down….I feel dizzy just thinkin’ about it!! Must have the Bay in the background. Maybe a selfie of you hanging off the trolley…you know?! Enjoy!


        • Oh, how I wish I had been able to do that, Janina. Timing and location is everything with these trollies! While I finally found the right street for the backdrop (after spending 90 minutes wandering up and down the hills), the light was waning, the cars only came every 10 minutes or so, and the photo op I wanted just didn’t happen. I did get a few photos, which I will post, but not the ones I was hoping for. Guess I’ll just have to go back 😉


        • Yes, I guess you will have to go back, Stacy! That’s an order…lol. 😉 At least, you got some exercise and fantastic views, no doubt. Look forward to seeing what you did manage to capture. Cheers!


  4. Excellent composition, Stacy. And the contrast between the “blue” and the “red” side of the photograph, really makes this one special. Try to catch some “ghosts” of Alcatraz. Save trip and may the light be with you. Greetings from the north of Germany. Reinhold


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