Monochromia: Pacific Beauty

Originally posted on Monochromia.

Sunset at Pismo Beach, CaliforniaPismo Beach, California

I must admit I left my husband at the dinner table to run out and capture the sun’s last hurrah as it set over the Pacific Ocean. (No worries – I did have his blessing.) Alas, the sun moved more quickly than I did, and without many clouds in the sky there wasn’t a great deal of color, but I thought the scene worked beautifully in black and white. Hope you agree!

13 thoughts on “Monochromia: Pacific Beauty

  1. This is beautiful, Stacy! I could relate to this as when you see something beautiful and want to capture it, you dont quite see what you are doing you just run! Ahh by the way i write travel blogs, do have a look


    • Thanks, Patti! I went back and forth on it quite a bit. As for the quickness of the setting sun, I was paying more attention to Dave than the outside (as it should be) 😃 But when I did glance outside and saw the sun going, well, the race was on (and my efforts could have been hampered by a glass or two of wine 😉).


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