Geometric Beauty

Sky Reflector-Net Artwork in the Dome of New York City's Fulton Center subway and retail center.

Sky Reflector-Net Artwork in the Dome of New York City's Fulton Center subway and retail center.

Sky Reflector-Net, Fulton Center Transit Center, New York City

The stunning Fulton Center Transit Center opened in Lower Manhattan in November 2014, connecting 11 NYC subway lines and the PATH trains that serve New Jersey. A 53-foot-diameter glass oculus sits over a grand multi-level atrium that is filled with pedestrians and retail shops. Suspended within the atrium is a breathtaking piece of artwork called “Sky Reflector-Net,” a steel conical net supporting 952 aluminum panels designed to reflect and distribute natural sunlight into the lowest levels of the building.

Now, forget about the technicalities and simply feast your eyes on this amazing blend of art and architecture!

42 thoughts on “Geometric Beauty

    • Very, very cool! I can imagine how it changes throughout the day. But I’m wondering what it looks like on an overcast day … or at night. Hmm, I just might have to go back 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the info. I found it fascinating! Thanks, Kirsten 🙂

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  1. Wow! Sort of like looking through a kaleidoscope. I’m so glad you share things like this, Sis, or I would never know they existed. Your photographs always make me feel like I’m inside your head, looking out through your eyes, at the exact moment of capture. Simply amazing!


    • I definitely could have spent more time there, Cee, but we were on a bit of a schedule to get across the Brooklyn Bridge and into Brooklyn for the late afternoon sun and eventual sunset 🙂 A whirlwind of a day, but with such fantastic photo ops throughout!


    • I was so glad we stopped there! Before posting, I did some research on it and was amazed to find out it is actually an art installation. The creativity is so unbelievably awesome! Another fun memory from a wonderful day 😀


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