30 thoughts on “Golden Glow

  1. NIce capture Stacy. What a wonderful hallway. I am sure most of those people just use it in a perfunctory way but with a photographers eye you have shown all its beauty from the procession of lights to the archway and that fabulous ceiling. I wonder if anyone really appreciates its beauty as they rush by.


  2. This is just an unbelievable shot, one of your best. Tell me it’s with your Fuji so I have a chance to capture something as good as this. Yes, I know it’s not about the equipment but the talent. So what? I need to cling to something. Was there any processing involved? I love it!

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    • Awww, thanks so much, Emilio 😊 Yes, it was with my Fuji, and yes, I shot in RAW so there was processing involved. So many wonderful photo ops in this glorious building. This was from my first visit with Joe and Patti. I just returned from my yet another visit a little over a week ago and had a chance to go back there. I haven’t yet gotten to those photos, but again, all were taken with the Fuji. Love that little camera 🙂


      • A lot of the Fuji is still confusing to me but I love the quality of the images- though mine never seem to look as good as yours or Joe’s. I’ve been shooting with both the Fuji and my Canon.


        • I found the 100T to be much more intuitive to use than the T1, Emilio. That being said, it would be nice to have it in my kit for the times I want/need a zoom (I do have the tele and wide angle conversion adapters for the 100T and love them, but the tele is not enough sometimes). As for any differences in your images from Joe’s and mine, I know Joe says he often shoots in jpeg. I still shoot in RAW all the time and it still comes down to processing. My workflow hasn’t changed; I just find using the Fuji that I have many more keepers because of the EVF and so I don’t have to process as much.

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