31 thoughts on “Home of the Brave

  1. This photograph should be on a billboard 60 feet wide and placed at the port of entry to New York or placed in a time capsule and send to Mars. It is truly an image that will endure for a thousand years. Wonderful Stacy 🙂


  2. Amazing Stacy! Were you on the water to get this shot or somewhere in Battery park with a great lens? I always think the number 3 in compositions is magical. For me, when I look at your shot, Liberty, the city in the background and the sky make up the magical three. I wonder if, when the French made a gift of her, whether they knew she would be so love? She’s been lighting the way for a long time now and I think she’s amazing or as they may say over the pond, “elle est enchanter”. x K


    • I love how you see this image, Boomdee. Believe it or not, I was actually on the ferry leaving Liberty Island on the way to Ellis Island. I was up on the bow of the boat with my camera resting on a railing, set at a very high shutter speed, and I just kept firing. Between the boat moving and the changing angle of view, I was praying I got the shot I was envisioning. And, yippee, this one was the keeper 🙂 I love the people on the right side of Liberty Island. I actually hadn’t noticed them when I was shooting, which is no surprise as they look like specks. But I love the wonderful sense of scale they provide!

      Merci beaucoup ❤️

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    • Thanks, Janice. I was on the ferry to Liberty Island and moving fairly quickly in relation to Lady Liberty’s location. I framed and just kept pressing the shutter, keeping my fingers crossed that when we hit the “sweet” spot, I wouldn’t end up with camera blur!


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