After-Before Friday Moves to Benjamin Rowe’s Aperture64!

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I’m sure my post title is surprising, but stepping back from After-Before Friday has been a long time coming. This does NOT impact One Photo Focus. That will continue here on Visual Venturing the first Friday of each month. The time commitment at my computer to run both challenges was simply becoming too much.

I emailed all who have participated in ABFriday, revealing my decision to stop the forum. Ben Rowe, a participant since the beginning, quickly offered to take over to keep the forum going. I was delighted. And so, on Friday, September 11, After-Before Friday makes its debut in its new home on Ben’s blog, Aperture64. All the submission guidelines and deadlines that have been in place with me will be the same with Ben. The only change: Ben will return ABF to an every-Friday posting, except for the first Friday of each month when One Photo Focus posts here. Visit Ben’s After-Before Friday Forum Guide for all the details.

I am so thankful to all who have participated in ABF, whether by submitting, by commenting, or by “liking” the posts. You have all contributed to its success. It’s been an incredible journey – I have learned so much and have connected with so many wonderful bloggers along the way.

I know I will continue to “see” many of you for One Photo Focus, and I look forward to that. In the meantime, I encourage those who have been active in ABF to continue to participate with Ben. Feel free to email your after/before photos to him at And to those who have been wanting to get involved, you’ll now have many more Fridays to choose from!

Thank you all!


10 thoughts on “After-Before Friday Moves to Benjamin Rowe’s Aperture64!

    • Thanks, Amy. You’ve been such an incredible supporter of ABF and of me ❤️ I’m just happy you, and others, still have a forum for your own edited photos over at Ben’s place. And, of course, 1PF is just too much fun to give up 🙂

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  1. I saw your original email a few days ago but was too busy to reply, first of all THANKYOU Stacy for all the fabulous work you have done with hosting the ABFriday forum, its a wonderful challenge and always interesting to read. I understand and applaud your reasoning for stepping away from it, we all only have so much time and its important you spend yours wisely and good to see 1PF will be continuing, its always a highlight!

    Ben its AWESOME you picked this up and not only that, offering to do it weekly, you are amazing, and I look forward to the new posts and even submitting for a few now and then myself 🙂


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