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Parker Meridien New York City lobbyLobby, Parker Meridien Hotel, New York City

The perks of accompanying my husband on a recent business trip to New York City: staying in a Manhattan hotel with this amazing lobby. Sitting on the opposite side waiting for our names to be called for lunch in the hotel restaurant, I just had to take a picture — as much for the stunning mirrored architecture as for the two blue-suited gentlemen busy on their respective electronic devices.

-shot with Fuji X100T-

24 thoughts on “Mirrored

  1. What you could do in there with a pair of socks on and a helmet!! Great shot Stacy, so much to see. Everything wants my attention from the beautiful shiny floor to those arches in the background lit by the suns rays I think and those gentleman what are they up to? Another fantastic shot.. Im going back to look more and will hop over to monochromia to see what I see there 🙂


  2. What an incredible place! Those arches are wonderful, and I keep thinking about how much work it must take to keep those floors so polished. The Blue Suited Guys? A bonus!


  3. Hi Stacy, Wow! Nice digs, youz livin’ large ! LOL.

    You don’t need much decor with architecture like that do you? Looks more like a church than a hotel. I do love the Point of View in your shot. I like the floor tiles pointing off in that direction and the columns meeting at that point. What a grande place! xK


  4. They’re both in blue suits? The floor is as amazing as anything else in this photo. At home, we can’t even keep our floors clean, let alone polished! Great shot!


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