Vivid: Ready for the Rodeo

Cowgirl and horse ready for a rodeo at a county fairJackson Hole Rodeo, Teton County Fair, Wyoming, July 2014

A quiet moment before the rodeo, awash in golden sunlight, long shadows, and the vivid colors of the county fair.

For a black and white version, visit Monochromia.

36 thoughts on “Vivid: Ready for the Rodeo

    • Hi, Laurie! I’m so behind in commenting and replying, so apologies for my lateness. I absolutely love the black and white. But it’s funny, when I posted it on Monochromia, it kinda fell flat relative to other images I had posted. It was a conundrum and, I must admit, I was somewhat stymied. So to be honest, the vivid challenge was a chance to revisit the B&W and give it a second shot : 🙂


    • Thanks, Patti! It was so much fun. I was like a kid in a candy shop. While it was only a county fair, it surely gave a taste for what a larger state fair would be. One of my favorite old-time movies is actually “State Fair” with Pat Boone and Ann Margaret. I’m a sucker for musicals 😀


  1. Wow those are sure vivid socks! Perfect photo for this week’s challenge. I did pop on over to Monochromia. I remember this photo well (I really loved it!) and probably with the closer crop, I like it better in B&W because of less distraction (which is probably why you did it that way 😉 ), but for vivid, it wins hands down! 🙂


    • Oh, Cindy, how much fun is that??? It makes me happy to know it brought back those memories for you! It was such a wonderful evening and the kids were so much fun to watch. Do you remember the chasing of the sheep? All the kids in the “ring” running after three sheep that were wearing red kerchiefs around their necks and the child who got one of them off first was the big winner. Hysterical to watch. I’m not sure the sheep had as much fun 😉


  2. What a great picture! Very busy though – my eyes didn’t really settle down anywhere in it. Great colors and great choice for this week’s word.



    • Thanks, Nancy, and you’re right about the “busyness.” It would be nice to have the opportunity to shoot it again with a shallower depth of field to see if it played any better. But it is kind of fun to be able to look at all that is going on in the background. So many wonderful colors 😀

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  3. That is a great picture. Nice light. Wonderful colours. I like how the rider is coming in from the left into the centre of the image. It gives the composition some movement interest against the fair background.


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