24 thoughts on “Monochromia: Ladies Who Lunch

  1. I’m really going to miss all the interesting architecture in DC. We stayed right on Dupont Circle and all the embassy’s are in fantastic old homes with history. I bought a book that’s all about the families who’ve lived in and around that area in history. Lot’s of scandalous stuff, ha! You know, I thought DC was not only beautiful, but very clean. I also loved the wide sidewalks on the main streets. I wish I had even more time to explore. BTW, I’d love a couple of those chairs in the store that’s moving out!


    • Ha! There are definitely benefits to living in the nation’s capital, and the beauty of the national mall and the monuments and the parks is definitely one of them. It’s also wonderful that the building height restriction exists to keep the skyline open, unlike other metropolitan areas where you feel like a hamster in a maze 😉 And those chairs, definitely pretty cool, right? Enjoy your book – it sounds awesome!

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