14 thoughts on “As Time Goes By …

  1. I love the look of that clock…. I have often thought of trying to do a photo shoot around the house of bits and pieces I love but haven’t gotten around to it.. I really like your perspective on the clock, now I want to know more… 🙂 I’ve been playing with the idea of also taking photos of bits and pieces around my house that reflect me personally in the photos more like hints of ourselves without overtly doing so in one post and you have inspired me to get up and do it.


    • What a nice comment, Kaz! (Though all your comments always are 😊) What prompted me to shoot the clock was a foray into the world of Miksang photography and a bitter cold winter day. I was itching to shoot, so I did my own indoor photo safari. I’ve seen so many wonderful photos of simple objects shot indoors that just make my jaw drop. So this is my fledgling attempt to try to really “see” what’s around me. I’m so glad you liked it. It hangs in my front hall above an old black bench with rush seats that I rescued from a salvage store and refinished (there, a little bit more about me 😀). And as I remember, you posted some wonderful shots of a Christmas past, with beautifully wrapped packages all in a theme. Wasn’t pink the color? I can’t remember. But those were awesome because, as you say, it gave us a further look into who you are!

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