Monochromia: Pyramide du Louvre

Almost a year ago, I included an image of the Louvre as part of a fledgling after-before post. Now, having a better understanding of post-processing, I have re-edited the image and posted it today on Monochromia.

Original post on Monochromia.

Louvre Pyramid viewed through an alcoved archway.

Not all the treasures in the Louvre Museum in Paris are sculptures or paintings or jewels. This scene — an alcoved archway framing the famous Louvre Pyramid (and one of the three smaller pyramids in the main courtyard) against the backdrop of the palace’s Richelieu Wing — took my breath away. C’est magnifique!

42 thoughts on “Monochromia: Pyramide du Louvre

  1. Ive commented in Monochromia. Stacy I love your perspective, Ive been in this tunnel before but there has always been someone in the way…. I haven’t been there when the gates have been closed which is refreshing and to get the detail in the glass having such a dark archway is really great… love it and thanks again for taking me back to the place I love…..


    • Thanks, Kaz, and it’s my absolute pleasure 🙂 I guess the gate being closed kept those crowds at bay! Though I admit to standing there for a while trying to find the best framing. I came home with quite a few shots to go through, but I figured it was better to have way too many than too few, since who knew when I would get back there again!

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  2. When I first saw the Pyramid, on TV, I was not convinced of its merits as an extension of the Louvre. It seemed to clash with the surrounding buildings. However, when I saw it in real life I thought it worked wonderfully well. I really liked the juxtaposition. I think that same juxtaposition is what makes your photograph so successful too. Lovely framing too.


    • I thought the same thing, Laura (about whether it detracted from the Louvre)! But it’s truly amazing to see it and experience it. And I love the light and the views it provides from the interior of the main hall! Thanks for your kind comment 🙂

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  3. Wonderful photo! I wish I have taken this… when I visited there many years ago, I wasn’t serious on photographing. Thank you for sharing. I will remember this one! 😉


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